Bioterrorism Returns In 'Resident Evil 6'

October 4, 2012

The Resident Evil games have long haunted fans of the survival horror genre as the franchise that help defined just what it means to be a "scary" game. Having already put its fans through hell, and one or two of the greatest games ever released, the team at Capcom have released the latest entry into the series, Resident Evil 6, which introduces new ways for you to play ... and wonder what's behind you.

Capcom, of course - bringing the infected to "life" is one of the things that Capcom does best. Members of the team behind RE6 have worked extensively on the previous entries in the series, dating all the way back to the original from 1996.

As the next entry into one of gaming’s most frightening series, Resident Evil 6 takes gamers to new (and old) places, with new (and old) characters in ways that the franchise has never done before. The game features three different story arcs that intersect as you play through them, which makes for some interesting co-op play options, for anyone that likes that kind of thing. The all-new story builds on the Resident Evil mythology, and gives fans a new virus, the C-Virus, to fear.

You can take on Resident Evil 6 on your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC. You can download the game from the PlayStation Network, just be careful – the day one patch breaks the game (note: a fix is in the works).

If the Resident Evil reputation isn't enough to entice you into an all new frightfest, maybe the opportunity to shoot while running will (shockingly, this is a new feature). The gameplay is tweaked a bit to be more like the other blockbuster games that have done so well in the marketplace, changing up the overall RE experience, but who ever said change was a bad thing? Also, RE6 gives you the opportunity to mess with other people's games. After you complete the main story you unlock the ability to play as a zombie in someone else's game that's being played live online. Where else are you going to get to do that?