Add Africa to the List of Places That Will Embrace Hockey Before America

April 13, 2010

Despite a recent string of failures that both Jennifer Lopez and Los Angeles Clippers management would mock at their next “Failures Anonymous" meeting, the NHL's bottom-dwelling Edmonton Oilers have been able to keep a surprisingly large fan base this season. Oddly enough, a good portion of it is in Liberia.

An interesting report in one of Canada’s national newspapers details how discarded NHL jerseys are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing trends in the wartorn nation.

According to the article, authentic hockey jerseys can be sold for as high as $4, and have become somewhat of a status symbol in various communities.

Looks like the Gary Bettman might have another expansion team on his hands. Seriously, do the Liberian Leopards sound any more ridiculous than the Atlanta Thrashers?

Photo: National Post