Vanessa Hudgens Devastated as More Nude Pics Leak

March 16, 2011
For the third time since 2007, nude pics of Disney starlet Vanessa Hudgens have leaked online. The actress is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

The previously unseen X-rated photos show Hudgens in various stages of undress. One of the tamer pics shows Hudgens reportedly kissing a female friend, 18-year-old actress Alexa Nikolas.

Hudgens’ lawyer Christopher Wong released a statement saying, “Vanessa is deeply upset and angered that these old photos, which were taken years ago, continue to resurface. It is particularly disturbing that whoever got hold of these private photos seems to be intent on illegally leaking them out over a long period of time. We are actively working with law enforcement to determine who is responsible and hold them accountable for their actions.”

For Ms. Hudgens, the third time’s not a charm.Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images