Flip Facts: Doug Vs. The Building Instructor

October 5, 2012
The Exterior

The property rehabilitation process consists of three key components: the interior renovation, exterior renovation, and the individuals you choose to accomplish it. This property had many cosmetic flaws and very limited "wow" factor as far as salability. From a distance it looked like a double wide trailer with a makeshift carport. We started with the facade by using an eye catching grey vinyl siding that wrapped the entire house. Mike and Doug debated the issue of adding a garage. In the end the garage added much-needed curb appeal and practical optimization of open space. We removed the patio fence that stifled the perfect seating area, added new windows and shutters, then coated the driveway with a thin layer of liquid asphalt.

The Kitchen

Small kitchens present their own set of challenges. Because of the lack of space we opted to keep the same layout of the original cabinets but replaced them with dark wood high-gloss cabinetry and laid laminate "stick um" flooring that looked like wood. In addition, we also substituted the dated cream colored appliances for black ones. Finishing with granite countertops we turned this kitchen into one that anyone would be proud of.

The Living Room

The easiest part of renovating a property is drywall patch and repair, paint, and carpet. We removed the 300 pound wood burning stove to add additional space, used Kwal bright white paint for the trim, George Water color for the walls, and an Espresso color for the accent that brought this living room to life.

The Basement

We moved forward on this property under the impression that it was zoned as a duplex - meaning two living spaces under one roof. We soon found out that was not the case: the city had rezoned this area of Salt Lake for single residences only which made it illegal to have a kitchen or bathroom in the basement. As with any project, setbacks and problems arise and it is our ability to figure out the best solution. In this case we utilized the area as a large storage room and separate laundry.

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