Comanche vs Viking

October 3, 2010

Beginning Assessment: North America's United States Native American killers that murdered by horse, comes to a full on battle with the barbaric Scandinavian berserkers that savagely killed in an army.


Short Range: War Hawk.

Medium Range: War Lance.

Long Range: Bow & Arrow.

Special: Scalping Knife.


Short Range: Great Axe.

Medium Range: Longsword.

Long Range: Spears.

Special: Shield.


War Hawk vs Great Axe. Edge = Great Axe.

I love the Great Axe due to cutting a person entirely in half. The War Hawk has absolutely no power as it comes down, as Geoff said, and this axe is nothing as deadly as its opposing axe.

Lance vs Longsword. Edge = Longsword.

Even though the Lance is much longer and is said it can slash, the Longsword is better at slashing, able to decapitate a man. The War Lance is usually paired with the Comanche's horse, which would add great power... if you're on it.

Bow & Arrow vs Spears. Edge = Bow & Arrow.

The Bow can shoot arrows at much longer range, and is more accurate then the two thrown Spears, even if you can use them in closer ranges.

Knife vs Shield. Edge = Shield.

Even though the Knife is more of a weapon, the Shield can stop it, and return a punch with the metal boss in the middle.


A Comanche Warrior is seen riding his horse throughout a small forest that opens from a dirt road. He keeps riding the horse, but stops when he sees a man wearing a helmet and chainmail a little far away. The Comanche plants his war lance into the ground, pulls up a bow, and readies an arrow. He shoots it, but the Viking pulls up a shield, and uses his sword to cut it off. The Viking reaches for something behind a tree and reveals a spear. When he looks back, he sees the Comanche riding his horse full speed toward him, ready with his lance. As the horse gets closer, he pulls up the shield, and impales the spear in the horse. Both Viking and Comanche fell down hard though, because of the lance planting in the shield, completely ruining it, and the Comanche flew off the dead horse when the spear impacted.

After unscrambling their bodies, the Warriors were able to get up, with the Comanche drawing a knife. He aims it at the scalp of the Viking, but the helmet was the only thing to stop it. The Viking is angered, and punched the Comanche in the face, giving him a black eye. He runs for his lance after the longsword is drawn, and when he gets it he stabs the Viking in the shoulder. He drops his sword but grabs another spear and stabs the Comanche in his shoulder. Both with spears in their arms, they pull both out in agreement, and both drop their spears.

The Viking reaches for his sword again, and slashes at the thigh of the Comanche, making him trip and bleed from the cut. He grabs his knife again, but can't find an opening to stab his enemy. He runs back toward his horse, and pulls a war hawk out of a pouch. He runs back at the Viking which has pulled out his great axe and giving a deadly gaze and roars. The Comanche screams his war cry and charges. Hawk met the Axe, and they started slashing at the other. The war hawk stabbed into the previously jabbed shoulder. The Viking roars, and then pulls up his great axe, and brings it down on the collar-bone of the Comanche. He shrieks from the swing, and after another swing of the axe, his torso was entirely in half. The Viking lifted the axe and roared in victory.

Viking: 578.

Great Axe: 316.

Longsword: 159.

Spears: 42.

Shield: 61.

Comanche: 422.

War Hawk: 96.

War Lance: 185.

Bow & Arrow: 89.

Scalping Knife: 52.

Ending Assessment: The Viking's brutality and viciousness with his Great Axe and Longsword were the best in this battle.

Best Weapon: The Viking's fearsome Great Axe killed the Comanche with a total 316 kills, more then half of his total!

Worst Weapon: The Spears the Viking threw only claimed 42 kills shots on the Comanche.