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Comic-Con 09: Live Blog from Twilight Saga New Moon Panel

by nathanbloch   July 23, 2009 at 5:00PM  |  Views: 206

It's like a Beatles concert at the Twilight panel at Comic-Con, with more screaming female teens and preteens than I've heard since sixties archival footage of John Lennon. The stars discussed the transformation of their characters.

The actor who plays Jacob discussed having to change himself physically, and said he hopes the fans are pleased with his transformation. Kristen Stewart seemed bewildered and inarticulate and talks about how she physically changed herself from her appearance in the film. She said she had much to "go through" to prepare for the part. 

Robert Pattison was the lone voice of humility, saying he mostly had to stand on a green box and let "the machines do the work for me, which is the way I like it."

Chris Weitz briefly introduced a clip to the movie, also saying that the books appealed to him because he could identify with Bella since he'd been dumped so many times in his life.

The clip from the film was a scene that showed Jacob trying to teach Bella how to ride a motorcycle, only for her to see vestigal images of Edward. She attempts to drive the motorcycle, crashes, hits her head, and Jacob comforts her by taking off his shirt and showing off his eight-pack to screams of delight from the fans in the audience.

Most of the guys in the audience waited grumpily for the panel to end. 

"She's kind of all over the place, but she's okay with it," Stewart said about her part.

"I hope I'm more like friendly and outgoing than this dark, disturbed monster," the actor playing Jacob said. "You're not a monster," Stewart interrupted.

"I look a bit like him," Pattison said about what he brings of himself to the role.

"We could not be more pleased and tickled with them," director Weitz said about the fan reaction New Moon videos. He suggested doing a fan reaction video in response to the fan reaction videos. "Everywhere the camera pointed there were hundreds of fans there," he said of filming in Italy, "which was great." "It was just the sheer logistics of getting through all the fans to get to the camera." He said it was difficult just getting to the bathroom.

Source: Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Images



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