Bejing SWAT vs. FBI Hostage rescue team

December 22, 2010

Beginning assessment: Beijing's special weapons and tactics ready for any terrorist situation vs. the FBI hostage rescue team america's elite FBI agents trusted with carrying out the most dangerous hostage situation operations, who is deadliest?

FBI hostage rescue team

Close range: M1911 pistol, Medium range: HK mp5, long range: m4a1 carbine, Special: Flashbang

Beijing special weapons and tactics unit

Close range: QSZ-92, Medium range: Type 79, Long range: QBZ-95, Special: Super talon

M1911: This gun was actually suprising to find in the FBI's arsenal. Originally the FBI used the sig p226 in the ends. But being a 9mm and lacking the necessary stopping power the FBI hostage rescue team adopted the m1911 because it was .45 acp. For those who don't know it fires the same ammuntion as the famous thompson submachine gun and the modern HK ump45.

QSZ-92: The chinese have their own pistol. The qsz-92, it fires 2 types of ammo 9mm or 5.8x21. The SWAT teams use the 5.8 rounds because they can pierce armor. The gun holds 15 shots and excepts a magazine holding 20.

Edge: Both have a advantage. The m1911 fires .45 rounds adding to it's lethaltiy. However inturn the QSZ-92 holds more ammo. Both of these pistols are effective however the edge goes to the QSZ-92 because it holds more ammo and despite a lower caliber still is effective (at cqc a 9mm shot is still plenty lethal).

Mp5: This weapon unlike it's predescor I was not suprised to find. It fires 9mm bullets at 700 rounds a minute with an effective range of 200 meters and weighs roughly 6 pounds. Its been used by the FBI for quite some time, proving itself useful with many organizations such as the SAS, Navy seals, KSK, GSG9 and SWAT.

Type 79: Again the chinese bring another chinese gun. The type 79 smg it fires 7.62x25mm it fires 500 minutes with an effective range of 200 meters and it weighs roughly 4 pounds. Unlike the mp5 it is less commonly used and only used in china for the most part.

Edge: One thing I didn't mention was the mp5 holds 30 rounds compared to the type 79's 20. That's an advantage for the mp5. The mp5 also shoots faster although the type 79 is a larger caliber these are automatic guns so your not just shooting someone once. Although the Type 79 is good the mp5 gets the edge for holding more ammo and firing faster.

M4 carbine: We've seen this rifle on any episode (excluding swat vs. GSG9) involving US special forces. It's proved it's a very capable weapon usually scoring around 300 kills. Being an m16 variation it's shown pinpoint accuracy as any other m16 variants have (the AR-15). It fires up to 950 rounds a minute while firing 5.56 nato ammo with an effective range of 500 meters (600 for a area target in 3 round burst firing).

QBZ-95: Another chinese gun (suprise!). The QBZ-95 assault rifle. The rifle can fire up 800 rounds a minute firing 5.8x42mm ammo and has an effective range of 400 meters (600 area target).

Edge: Both of these rifles are similar but different. The QBZ has the mag locakted behind the trigger giving it a tactical advantage however the m4 is more accurate. The m4a1 also fires faster and has greater range. Although the QBZ fires slightly higher caliber rounds the m4 gets the edge for range, accuracy and rate of fire.

Flashbang: Perhaps the worlds most famous counter terror non lethal weapon (Perhaps only beaten by the Taser). It is actually classified as a type of non-lethal hand grenade. Which gives great versatility. Once it is thrown and hits impact it detonates creating a noise so loud anyone near it will become extremely disoriented and fall over. The shockwave of the bang is so powerful, it is capable of killing if it lands close enough to a target.

Super Talon: This weapon unlike the Flashbang  is less known. It was originally meant to be used by hunters but was adopted by law enforcement agencies. It basically is a gun that fires a 16 foot net using compressed gas. Once the opponent is caught by the net, they're trapped.

Edge: Both of these non-lethal weapons are different. You have a net gun and a type of grenade. Although both serve similar purposes. The Flashbang can be thrown into a room without exposing the person using it and still serve it's purpose. With the net gun you have to expose yourself which could get yourself killed. Also someone could fire from inside the net while with the flashbang they're completely incapacitated. The hostage rescue team takes the edge for the flashbang.

As usual the battle isn't or supposed to be high quality.

Battle: 5 FBI members enter a house. They look in front of them and see a kitchen with a table. On the other side of the kitchen in the mud room where the other entrance is, 5 Chinese SWAT members enter the house. The FBI members move forward and look forward. One of the chinese members raises his smg but an FBI agent fires his m4 and kills one. FBI=5 SWAT=4

The other Beijing SWAT members run. The FBI agents chase them. The SWAT members bolt into a room and one of the FBI agents throws a flashbang it detonates blowing up extremely close to one of the SWAT members killing him. The The others become disoriented the FBI agent runs in with his .45 acp colt and raises it. However one of the Beining SWAT members who fell grabbed his QBZ-95 and blind fired hitting one of his own allies in the arm but killing the FBI hostage rescue team member. FBI=4 SWAT=3

The other FBI agents fired into the room. The 2 SWAT members made a barricade out of a couch and began trying to help their injured comrade. Just then one of the FBI members kicked open the door. He fired his mp5 but most of the bullets lost their velocity when they hit the couch. One of the SWAT member grabbed his QSZ pistol and fired a shot into the chest of the FBI member. FBI=3 SWAT=3

The SWAT member previously injured died of blood loss. Now the only too members of SWAT were stuck behind a couch in a room. The FBI members fired down from down the hall. Realizing they were bound to eventually be hit they ran from the couch. The FBI members charged after them. One of the SWAT members grapped his type 79 and fired 5 shots into the chest of an FBI member. SWAT=2 FBI=2

The other hostage rescue members continued charging while firing. They entered the room but were shot back by a super talon net. One of the SWAT members raised raised his QSZ and fired. Killing one of the FBI members and injuring the other. The walked towards him yelling questions in chinese. One of the chinese members raised his QSZ towards the FBI members head. The Hostage rescue team member gathered the strength to grab his colt and fired two rounds. Each hit an enemy in the chest. They both died within seconds of the .45 acp bullet hitting their chest. FBI=1 Beining SWAT=0



Colt m1911: 33

HK mp5: 227

M4 carbine: 318

Flashbang: 3, assisted in 110 kills

Beijing SWAT: 419

QSZ-92: 47

Type 79: 161

QBZ-95: 211

Super Talon: 0, assisted in 57 kills

Ending assessment: It was the FBI hostage rescue team's superior weapons that won them the match. The flashbang assisted in many more kills than the super talon. It was also their unforgivenly accurate and fast shooting m4a1 that won them the match. Along with the mp5 which superior rate of fire and accuracy made it beat the type 79. That's what made the difference.

Most effective weapon: The FBI's m4 carbine scored an amazing 318 kills.

Least effective weapon (meant to kill): The FBI's m1911's kick back made it very hard for a second shot making it harder for the operative to kill multiple enemies in a short time, only scoring 33 kills.