Playboy Playmates Wear Lettuce Bikinis, Diss Meat

July 15, 2009

Playboy playmates Jayde Nicole and Jo Garcia have teamed up with PETA, donned some sexy lettuce bikinis, and descended upon Washington D.C. to spread the word about the benefits of a vegan diet. Wait a minute, they don’t like meat?

Apparently today is National Veggie Dog Day, so PETA and the girls set up shop outside the Rayburn Office Building and handed out “tasty, humane, and healthy veggie hot dogs” on Capitol Hill.

Current Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole is described by PETA as their “newest lettuce lady.” Jayde espoused about how healthy she is since she said goodbye to meat. She said, "In my business, looks can make you or break you, and nothing has helped me stay fit, trim, and energetic more than kicking the meat habit. The best way to safeguard your health, reduce your carbon footprint, save animals' lives, and look your very best is to go vegetarian." What happens if you just love MEAT?

Both girls then posed together in their lettuce bikinis, mouths open, with a couple of phallic dogs in hand.


Source: Splash News