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The Top 10 Houses of Horrors

by nathanbloch   October 15, 2008 at 9:00PM  |  Views: 409

Halloween is here again, so we're taking a look at the top 10 horrific houses in cinema. There have been a lot of hellish domiciles over the years in movies, but these 10 are renowned for the terror they inspire in all who are foolish enough to enter their premises. Whether it’s trespassing ghosts or inbred killers, these walls hold enough horror to keep us tuned in to the grisly end.

10. House of Wax

Most killers are brutes with knives or ghosts with unresolved issues, but the “hacks” in this movie don’t have hack saws, they have wax. Lots and lots of wax. Which doesn’t mean they’re above the occasional beheading or dismembering, only that when they have their druthers they spray people in wax and let them age with the furniture. Strangely, these artistic savages managed to build their entire house out of wax…and not have it melt.

In real life: the House of Wax is set in Ambrose, a fictional town in Louisiana that's been abandoned for a decade.

9. The Others

Anyone who’s ever had an annoying roommate knows what it’s like to be constantly putting up with obnoxious habits: leaving the peanut butter out, not washing the dishes, occupying rooms without actually being in them and appearing as demonic apparitions to little children. These things get on one’s nerves. Nicole Kidman has to share an entire estate with ghouls such as these, and after spending much time in denial and chastising her children for lying, she finally realizes she has more roommates than she bargained for. And it’s scary as crap.

In real life: the Oheka Castle was used for exteriors of the estate, located on Long Island's Gold Coast and built by Otto Kahn (no, he did not rule the Hapsburg Empire at any time). The second largest house in America, it boasts 127 rooms and more than 100,000 square feet. For the macabre amongst you, you can even get married there.

8. Evil Dead II

After Ash brings his girlfriend, Linda, to the evil cabin from Evil Dead I, she soon becomes an evil zombie. When that kind of thing happens no amount of couples therapy will fix the problem. Yes, this movie is hilarious (could any movie with Bruce Campbell not be?), but it’s also violent and awesome, and no one in their right mind would visit this evil cabin – twice. That takes man balls. Crazy man balls.

In real life: The interior and most of the outer cabin scenes of the film were shot on a set built inside the JR Faison Junior High School gymnasium in Wadesboro, North Carolina.

7. The Grudge (Ju-on)

You gotta watch the original Japanese version of this movie, because it will freak your shit out. Just like the original Japanese version of The Ring was much scarier than the American version (and had a way cooler sounding name: Ringu), so too is Ju-on much scarier than its American counterpart. I’m sorry, but watching someone try to sleep, only to find that they have a white-faced child ghost sprawled under the sheets on top of them has got to be one of the most terrifying images ever. Do not watch this movie if you’re house-sitting alone that night. Seriously.

In real life: director Takashi Shimizu used the same location for the big-budget Ju-on as he did with the two lower budget, direct-to-DVD originals.

6. The Changeling

When composer John Russell suffers the tragic loss of his wife and daughter he takes a vacation at an old house on the advice of a friend. He is soon haunted by a child ghost who reveals nasty secrets about the previous owners of the house. The child ghost only appears at 6 AM so as to ensure maximum scariness. It succeeds.

In real life: The mansion scenes of this movie were filmed at what was then the Royal Roads Military College in Victoria.