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Cops O: Between a Bush and a Hard Place
Cops O: Running in Traffic
Cops O: A Man Without a Plan
Cops O: Love Bites
Cops O: Strange Encounters
Cops O: Too Many Cooks
Cops O: Step Away from the Cutlery
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Knock Knock, You're Next: Our Favorite Home Invasion Flicks

by Kevin Marshall   August 26, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 292
Source: Lionsgate

Those of us that don't live under rocks have been bombarded with advertisements on TV and online for the new movie "You're Next." It's a horror/thriller flick with a familiar premise that plays on our worst fear: the home invasion. After all, our home is where we feel secure, safe, and most at ease. It's where we settle, relax, and let go of the day to day stresses in our lives. But if an outsider forces their way in, that illusion of safety is forever shattered.


It's this fear that home invasion movies prey upon. So with this weekend's release of yet another
-"You're Next"- let's take a look at ten of the best (and some of the most outrageous) examples of the genre.



Much in the same vein as "Desperate Hours," this early installment stars Frank Sinatra as the chief antagonist. But instead of simply needing a place to hide from police, he's actually setting up a base of operations for a Presidential assassination.

Desperate Hours

Source: Paramount Pictures

This classic film stars Humphrey Bogart as a criminal who, along with his criminal pals, takes a family hostage in their own home as an act of desperation. Although it's something of a forgotten classic and rarely mentioned in conversations about Bogart's biggest roles, it's arguably the film that invented the genre.

Pacific Heights

Melanie Griffith and Matthew Modine buy their dream house and rent one of the first-floor apartments to Michael Keaton, who turns out to be a total sketchball. He stiffs them financially and then uses the law to psychologically and financially terrorize them.

Panic Room

Source: Columbia Pictures

A wealthy family installs what's called a "panic room" in their home to protect them in the case of a home invasion. But the room instead becomes something of a prison and a hazard itself.

Home Alone

This Macaulay Culkin vehicle made him one of the biggest stars in Hollywood (albeit temporarily) and became a pop culture phenomenon. Even though it's supposed to be a family comedy, in terms of sheer volume it's one of the most violent mainstream films ever made.

The People Under the Stairs

Source: Universal Pictures

Wes Craven flipped the script for this movie, where burglars break into a home but find that horrors await them inside.

When a Stranger Calls (1979)

This film's based on the old campfire horror story about the babysitter who gets threatening phone calls and has the police trace it, only to find out that the calls are coming "from inside the house." Ohhhhhh crap.

Funny Games (1997)

Source: Madman Entertainment

In this Austrian film, two guys take a family hostage and play mind games by forcing the family to play out strange, disturbing scenarios. What's impressive about this film is that as creepy as it is, there's very little actual violence depicted on the screen. It's more about what's implied rather than what's explicitly shown.

The Ref (1994)

Dennis Leary gets more than he bargained for when he takes a couple hostage after he bungles a burglary attempt. The bickering couple begin to drive him nuts, and suddenly he becomes hostage to their insecurities, paranoia, and dysfunction.

Straw Dogs (1971)

Source: Cinerama Releasing Corporation

Arguably Peckinpah's best film, definitely his most disturbing, stars Dustin Hoffman as an academic who moves to his wife's small country hometown in England. Some of the locals harass and bully the two, escalating into violence and terror.