Head2Head - Last Week's Winners

August 5, 2009

There's a lot of fun ways to spend an evening...Sure, you could crack beers at the White House with the President but we prefer playing the fastest game show on TV, Head2Head, with the First Lady of f'n hot, Callie Stydahar. At least on H2H, there's some money to go around...like the 2 Gs in cash this week's winning wisemen walked away with just for bringin' the brainpower.

On Monday, country radio personality Brandon from Virginia Beach do-si-do'd to the sweet sound of hittin' the jackpot. With five bills in his britches, he puts the "rich" in big and rich. Check out his winning moment.

[video]3218774 [/video]

Then on Tuesday it came down to the wire, but animator Bryan from NYC broke a two-two tie thanks to knowing the name of Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson's first born child. For wasting that valuable space in his brain, he's now $500 richer. That subscription to Us Weekly is finally paying off!


On Wednesday, our snow-cone loving collegeboy Jason thawed out his brain freeze and cooled off with $500 bucks in beer money.

And finally on Thursday, bread maker Alonzo from Goldsboro, North Carolina raised himeself some serious dough to support his self-proclaimed "obsession with boots." Half a G in cash should help him buy a nice pair of Timbos for his toes.

So, if you want to increase your purchasing power with some quick cash just for playin' with Callie, register here.

And here's a hint, start checking out Spike.com's Mantenna for clues to help you win our $500 grand prize. If you're lucky you could end up playing alongside some special guests, like next week when the stars of the new vacation thriller A Perfect Getaway (twisting its way into theatres August 7th) Steve Zahn and badass babe Milla Jovovich get in the game and go Head2Head -- Thursday at midnight.

Get your buzz-er on with the fastest game show on TV every Monday through Thursday at Midnight right here on Spike!