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Sex Equals Money

by ncoles   May 07, 2008 at 11:30AM  |  Views: 152


A recent study published in peer-reviewed journal Neuro Report has linked taking large financial risks and sex. The study shows that when men are shown sexually charged images it arouses the part of the brain that’s used in taking financial risks. 

The study focused on sex and the money hub - the V shaped nucleus accumbens that lie at the base of the brain and plays an important role in what you experience as pleasure. The study involved 15 heterosexual male students from Stanford University. The students were shown an array of images whilst gambling. The study found that when erotic picture were displayed, the men made larger bets compared to when neutral images such as that of a stapler were displayed.

Camelia Kuhnen, a Northwestern University finance professor who conducted the study with a Stanford University psychologist believes there’s “a need in an evolutionary sense for both money and women” and it’s not unusual that they trigger the same brain area.

The study doesn’t say sex will make you bags of money, it just states that you are more likely to take bigger risks - which can mean you either make it big or you lose everything.

It’s a risk I’m willing to take.