Mantenna - Friday, February 11

February 11, 2011

Lady Gaga’s new song sounds suspiciously like Madonna, Charlie Sheen dishes some anti-drug advice, and the Denver Broncos prepare for the Apocalypse…Mantenna don’t text.

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Lady Gaga’s New Single Sounds Like Madonna

Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated new single "Born This Way" dropped today and already it’s receiving criticism for sounding remarkably like a Madonna song. Critics and fans have taken to social networking sites likening the new song to Madonna's hit "Express Yourself." Some argue the song is a rip off and that the pop star will be sued. Both songs are remarkably similar in theme and sound, but it’s difficult to gauge whether it’s a rip-off. Similarities definitely do exist and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has christened Gaga’s new track “Express Yourself 2.0.” Lady Gaga’s new album hits store May 23 and she will perform "Born This Way" during this weekend’s Grammy Awards. [The Sun]

Charlie Sheen Dishes Some Advice

Charlie Sheen took a time out from his at-home rehab to play some ball. The 45-year-old actor visited the University of California for some batting practice and was joined by some pros and members of the Bruins team. The troubled actor brought his own bat and ball and dished out some words of wisdom. He told the Bruins, “Stay off the crack. Drink chocolate milk. Enjoy every moment. That's all I got.” Sheen is an avid baseball player and nearly hit a home run during the practice. [TMZ]

The Chicago Cubs Offer Fans a Chance to Get an Early Start on the Disappointment

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Are you a Chicago Cubs fan who loves the feeling of failure every September? Well, why wait till the fall to bring home the sense of disappointment? According to the Sun Times “The Cubs announced plans Tuesday to broadcast — either on television, radio, or via Internet radio — 32 of their 34 spring-training games.” [Sun Times]

The Denver Broncos Prepare for the Apocalypse

The Denver Broncos aren’t worried about the NFL lockout. They’re just having NFL lockout safety drills. No need to worry. “Specifics of our operations in the event that a collective bargaining agreement isn't reached by March 4 are internal and have been communicated clearly to every employee," said Broncos spokesman Patrick Smyth. "We're moving forward with our preparations for the 2011 season and are hopeful that the labor situation is resolved as soon as possible." See, this dude is kind of confident. [The Denver Post]

Bye, Bye Borders?

Nationwide bookseller Borders is on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. According to The Wall Street Journal the embattled book store is likely to file for bankruptcy this Monday or Tuesday. Borders released a statement saying, “There have been constant inquiries by reporters and stories written regarding whether Borders is considering a Chapter 11 filing. Borders is not prepared at this time to report on the course of action that it will pursue.” The beleaguered book shop, which is hemorrhaging money, recently received a lifeline from GE Capital in the form of a $550 million loan in January. Borders most likely won’t disappear once it files for bankruptcy, but it's likely to close numerous stores and lay off workers. [The Wall Street Journal]


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