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The Top 10 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

by Reverend_Danger   January 26, 2009 at 9:00AM  |  Views: 15,515


5. Emerald Nuts – Unicorns

Unicorns are like weather vanes for truth.  Everybody knows this, but Emerald Nuts tells it in a new and awesome way – a new and awesome way that has a lot to do with my three favorite things.  Those being: the Easter Bunny, Santa, and irresponsible parenting.


4. Doritos – Mouse Trap

In this spot, a refined gentlemen enjoys a tasty bag of Doritos while waiting and watching his elegantly-laid trap for a wily mouse infesting his home.  (You know he's classy because of the music.)


3. Sierra Mist – Beard Comb Over

I have personal experience with anti-beard hate crimes.  To me, this is less a work of comedy and more a work of dramatic realism.  However, I guess Mexican people laugh at Carlos Mencia.  So, here ya go.


2. Bud Light – Breath of Fire

This commercial is like Hansel – it’s so hot right now.  Bud Light is the king of awesome beer commercials.  They always have been and always will be.  How did I choose the best Bud Light commercial?  I wrote the names of all of them on Bud Lights, started chugging, and the bottle I puked on was “Breath of Fire.” Enjoy.


1. Reebok – Terry Tate Office Linebacker

Bud Light is the king of beer commercials, but gol’ dangit if this isn’t the funniest Super Bowl commercial in the history of Super Bowl commercials.  Terry Tate, bless you, for your work ethic and brutish violence are two characteristics that have imbued everything that I’ve done since I saw this commercial.



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