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The Top 10 Funniest Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

by Reverend_Danger   January 26, 2009 at 9:00AM  |  Views: 15,513

Whether you watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials, just for the football, or just because nobody will let you turn it over to Spike TV – you love the funny.  Funny Super Bowl commercials are like mother’s milk to a strapping lad like you.  So come on over, we’ve got a bottle full of ha-ha with your name on it.

By Reverend Danger

10. Visa – Kevin Bacon

You are connected to Kevin Bacon, and Visa is out to prove it with this commercial.  All of us are connected to him, in fact.  He’s like the Buddha in that way.  Except Kevin Bacon has had more commercial success in the American film industry than Buddha.


9. Bud Light – Rock, Paper, Scissors

Bud Light knows that when it comes down to the last brew at the party, there are no friends and there are no alliances.  There are only winners and losers.  They take this opportunity to show you the foolproof way to win in a prison-rules rock/paper/scissors match.


8. T-Mobile – Dwayne Wade v. Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is a classic.  And, maybe some dumb coed knows who Dwyane Wade is, but history isn’t written by some dumb coed.  It’s written by the people in charge.  And sometimes, like right now, it’s written by bloggers.


7. Ameriquest – Cat Killer

Ameriquest is here to tell you that things aren’t always exactly like they seem.  Like, when my girlfriend walked in with me and two other girls and a goat and a 9 iron…that 9 iron wasn’t mine.  I was holding it for a friend.


6. FedEx – Castaway

FedEx is so dedicated to delivering their packages, and apparently your privacy, that this dude spent five years marooned with an unopened package. Check out the hilarious consequences of commitment and dedication.


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