Radu the Handsome vs Saladin

December 7, 2010

Beginning Analysis: What happens when the brother of the infamous Vlad the Impaler takes on the most dangerous warrior of the crusades? Read on to see who...is...deadliest!?


(Number 2 in the 3 weapons, 1 armor fights.)


Radu the Handsome

Short Range: Scimitar

Long Range: Ottoman Bow & Arrow

Special: Iron Mace

Armor: Plated Chainmail



Short Range: Sabre

Long Range: Recurve Bow & Arrow

Special: Kite Shield

Armor: Chainmail


Who Got the Edge

Scimitar vs Sabre: Both swords get the edge. Their curved nature means that they'll be able to fly through the air with great speed, and while chainmail works best against slashing weapons, their ability to stab makes up for this.


Ottoman Bow & Arrow vs Recurve Bow & Arrow: Like the swords, both bows get the edge. Their design allows them to shoot arrows up to an amazing distance, and when said arrows land in a target, it's gonna hurt.


Iron Mace vs Kite Shield: Although both can bludgeon, the Kite Shield gets the edge. It's size & shape allows it to block many attacks (including Radu's arrows) as well as a fairly unstoppable offense.


Plated Chainmail vs Chainmail: Despite the extra protection from the Plated Chainmail, both suits of armor get the edge. They're both lightweight, offer a good defense against slashing weapons, and they both were incredibly common for the armies of their time.



In a windswept castle in the middle of the desert, Lord Saladin was wiping of some blood from his Sabre. Just moments ago, he and a force of 50 men stormed the castle to claim it in the name of Islam & the Holy Land. He was the only survivor of the battle, and he would hold onto this castle by himself to prove the power of his faith. It may be impossible in the eyes of many, but with the power of Allah on your side, nothing can be impossible.


He was just about to head up to the watchtower when he though he heard the sounds of hooves coming towards the castle. Quickly, he went to the top of the west wall of the castle, and took out a spying glass from a small container on his belt. He raised it up, and saw a man dressed in exquisite armor, similar to his own. The man on the horse was also well armed, with a Scimitar & Mace hanging from his belt, and a bow strapped on his back. "Radu." Saladin said to himself.


In the meantime, Radu the Handsome was riding towards the castle in the efforts to claim it for himself. As he was getting close, he notice a single individual on top of the west wall. A moment later, and the individual disappeared from the wall. Spurring his horse towards greater speeds, Radu raced towards the castle in an effort to take the castle from this lone occupant.


A moment later, he arrived at the front gate of the castle, which was completely wide open and covered with arrows. He cautiously got off of his horse, and took the bow off of his back. He walked through the gate, and noticed the dead bodies of crusaders & the former inhabitants of this place, all mingled together in death. A recent battle, Radu thought to himself. He was about 3 steps away from the middle of the castle's courtyard when an arrow came flying past his face, and landing into the sand. He turned to where the arrow was shot from, and saw a man with a bow in his hand, ready to fire.


The second arrow came at him, but Radu was able to dodge it. He took an arrow from his quiver, knocked it, and fired. The arrow flew towards it's target, but Saladin was able to pick up a Kite Shield and deflect the arrow just in time. Frustrated, Radu readied another arrow, and fired it. Seeing the attack, Saladin began to move towards his assailant, all the while deflecting arrows with his shield. Finally, he got close enough to him so that he could bash Radu with one swing from his shield. The blow broke Radu's bow in half, and sent him flying onto a small pile of bodies.


Radu got up from the body pile, and saw Saladin charging at him with his shield again. This time, Radu rolled out of the way, and drew his Iron Mace at the same time. He began to swing at Saladin's shield, hoping that enough hits would weaken it, forcing his opponent to discard a valuable piece of defense. All it did was force Saladin to his knees, as he continued to endure blow after blow from Radu's mace. Eventually, the shield did begin the crack, but not before Saladin was able to draw his Sabre. The shield finally showed signs of heavy damage after 2 more attacks, so Saladin decided the duck after the oncoming attack, and discarded his ruined shield.


He turned around, and saw Radu running at him with his mace held in both hands. A moment later, he came down with his mace, but the attack didn't work. Saladin raised his Sabre to block, then pushed back Radu & his mace to a safe distance. Now, it was his time to be on the offensive once again. Sailing through the air, the Sabre was able to slightly mesmerize Radu, who seemed to drop his mace as the sword came straight towards his head. The attacked seemed to snap Radu out of his state, allowing him to tackle Saladin onto the ground.


Both men began punching each other to enrage the other. It worked, but not in Radu's favor, as Saladin managed to land a punch right square on his foe's left cheek. Radu flew into another pile of bodies, seemingly unconscious. Getting up to his feet & dusting himself off, Saladin picked up his sabre, and proceeded to chop Radu's head off as a trophy. When he got close to him, Saladin raised his blade for what he thought was the final blow, but instead was just an ambush.


Radu suddenly got up from the pile of bodies, clutching a wicked Scimitar. He swung at Saladin, but the blow simply slid along his opponent's chainmail. The two men at this point just simply wanted to see the other dead. Their blades began clashing against one another, and the soulds of their fight could be heard across the desert wind. Finally, Radu had an attack that he thought was sure to kill his foe, but all it did was give Saladin all of his back. With a slice behind the legs, Radu fell to his knees. A moment later, the Sabre of his foe was going straight through his neck, then he head fell to the ground.


Saladin sheathed his Sabre, then kneeled to the ground to pick up his prize. He raised the head to the sky, and with a shout of "Allah!", knew that he had finally claimed the castle.


Saladin: 596

Sabre: 250

Recurve Bow & Arrow: 250

Kite Shield: 96


Radu the Handsome: 404

Scimitar: 200

Ottoman Bow & Arrow: 104

Iron Mace: 100


Final Examination: Though he was related to the infamous Vlad the Impaler, Radu was simply not able to compete with the fanaticism & strength of one of the crusades most infamous figures, Saladin.


Strongest Weapon: Both his Sabre, as well as the Recurve Bow & Arrow, brought in a decent 250 kills, making them the strongest weapons.


Weakest Weapon: On the other end of the scale, the Kite Shield, given it's defensive nature and 96 kills, makes it the weakest weapon.


Tommorow: Season 1 final words.