Ancient Round; Match 1: Alexander the Great vs Knight

December 3, 2010

Alexander the Great









Morning Star.


Kopis vs Broadsword. Edge = Broadsword.

Both wear excellent armor, but the Knight wears more, and the Kopis isn't made for making deep cuts, so killing the Knight with a Kopis is going to be almost impossible. The Broadsword can cut any non-armored areas and kill or severely injure Alexander.

Xyston vs Halberd. Edge = Xyston.

The Xyston is longer and is a great distance weapon that the Halberd, even though of its axe, spear, and hook, is shorter, and the Xyston's going to penetrate the armor and kill with enough force behind it.

Gastraphetes vs Crossbow. Edge = Even.

Both are slow and take a long time to reload. Both also wear the armor that will stop the bolts.

Ballista vs Morning Star. Edge = Morning Star.

The Ballista takes way too long to reload, and even aim again. By the time Alex is ready to fire, the Knight's horse is already close, and takes him out with his Morning Star.


Alexander the Great is in Europe, cranking his ballista. He readies it, due to a bad week lately. He fought an Aztec and a Viking, and barely survived both attacks. He wants to be prepared for any attack, when a Knight on a horse comes to the top of a hill, right where Alexander was aiming.

"Not this time!"

He yelled as he propelled the machine, and the bolt flew. The Knight heard the bolt, and saw it coming, and he pulled the reigns on his horse and together they made it down the hill.

Alexander took his gastraphetes and shot his bolt, but it missed the Knight, coming in fast. He threw down his gastraphetes and held up his xyston. It stabbed into the Knight's horse, making him fall to the ground.

The Knight got up, holding his halberd, and swung it. But he wasn't close enough. Alexander jabbed again, but the Knight used the hook to throw it away. But Alexander held on, turned, and threw the Knight's halberd down. He pulled up his broadsword and slashed, cutting the tip of the xyston off. Alexander used it as a staff for a minute, knocking the Knight back down. He pulled out his kopis.

Alexander slashed, but the Knight's armor kept him safe. He slashed with his broadsword, it scraping against Alexander's cuirass. He jumped back, and the Knight got up. Together they slashed at each other. Eventually the Knight gashed Alexander's arm, but he sliced again. It took away the Knight's sword, but he pulled up his morning star.

The morning star, swirling around, eventually hit Alex in the arm, messing it up, and throwing down his kopis. He watched as the morning star come on his head.

As brain matter and blood splattered on the Knight's armor, he muttered:

"Yes, this time."

Knight: 542.

Broadsword: 226.

Halberd: 240.

Crossbow: 19.

Morning Star: 54.

Alexander the Great: 458.

Kopis: 41.

Xyston: 356.

Gastraphetes: 3.

Ballista: 56.