10 Things We Learned From #AskNavarro

March 2, 2016
10 Things We Learned From #AskNavarro

The beloved host of Ink Master took to twitter last night during the much-anticipated season premiere of Ink Master to directly answer fans' questions about the competition, tattoos, and everything in between.

What's Dave's personal favorite tattoo style? How exactly does he feel when he's caught in the middle of a disagreement between Chris and Oliver? And perhaps most important: will there ever be another 'meow' uttered before our very own eyes? The answers to all of these pressing questions and more below.

1.  American Traditional is Dave's absolute personal favorite tattoo style. You heard it here first.

2.  Of all the live model sketches done during the very first flash challengeof the season, the judges liked Picasso's the best.

3.  Dave loves hosting the show (duh).

4.  Dave was unfortunately rejected as a naked male model. Persistence, Dave.

5.  New school tattoos are fine in Navarro's book – if done well.

6.  He finds Australian actress Nicole da Silva to be marriage material.

7.  He will 'not in a million YEARS!!!!' ever do tattoo on one of his fans.

8.  Dave does indeed have color tattoos: on both legs and his back!

9.  When Chris and Oliver start arguing, Dave finds it funny.

10.  There WILL be another 'meow' or two – but only during the live finale of course! Now that's consistency.