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Celebrate the Robbie E Way

by Robbie E   July 25, 2012 at 11:53AM  |  Views: 2,129

Oh!!!!! What's up bros and broettes? There is still a major party going on after my big win over "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy last week live on IMPACT WRESTLING. Not only did I score points in the Bound For Glory Series, but I also scored a victory over one of the biggest professional wrestling stars in history.

I've been the X Division champ, bro. I've been the Television champ too. That's a lot of gold, and you only get that hardware knowing how to win. My list today is going to cover the top 5 things I always do after a big victory, bro, and you better believe I did all this stuff last Thursday.

5 - Get a girl - No matter what I do, when I celebrate I have to have a chick by my side. So I'll always make a quick booty call and have bigger Rob go pick her up right away. I mean, a girl by me makes Facebook pics so much cooler looking.

4 - A nice big protein shake - Who needs champagne? Me and bigger Rob give a toast to our awesome physiques while giving our bodies something to help our muscles grow even bigger, bro.

3 - Go to the club - Going to the club is a must. I love being in the VIP section on nights after big victories. And everyone who is anyone is trying to get in to congratulate me and roll with me, because everyone wants to be around a winner. Last Thursday night in Orlando. Joan Rivers, Shaq and Adam Sandler all tried to hang in my section. But they weren't on THE LIST!

2 - Pushups - Something about winning makes me wanna be more jacked so I just start doing a bunch of pushups to tighten up my muscles, bro. The veins gotta pop, dude.

1 - Dance - I usually lock myself in a room fully guarded by Robbie T and just dance with myself in the mirror. Sometimes naked. It's just a way to let my excitement out. That's not weird, right?

Until next week... OH! YOU AINT ON THE LIST BRO!!!!!!!


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