Lady Gaga's Life Without Sex

March 2, 2010

Pop sensation Lady Gaga is on top of the world, yet she’s given up sex and living a life of celibacy. Find out why after the jump.

Lady Gaga says the main reasons she not showing her bedroom poker face or having a bad romance between the sheets is she doesn’t have time. She’s too busy for sex. The singer told British newspaper the Mirror, "I haven't got time to spend on the road to get to know anyone. Even Lady Gaga can be celibate. You don't have to have sex to be loved." No time for sex? Come on! Girl needs to get her planner in shape.

The 23-year-old has kept up a frenetic pace since storming the charts in late 2008 and is about to embark on her second global tour. She wants to meet someone, but feels women are not equal when it comes to sex. She says, “Orgasms are the biggest obstacles for women. Sex should be fun, beautiful, and colourful but women get the short end of the stick. We're just receivers. We can't talk about sex, we can't sing about sex.” I imagine Lady Gaga is way too ballsy to just lie there and take it.

Lady Gaga might not be having sex, but that does not means she’s not loved. The singer says she feels enormous love from her fans, who she calls her “roommates.” It’s her fans that “keep [her] warm at night.”

Source: Splash News