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The Greatest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Villains Of All Time

by Kevin Marshall   September 20, 2012 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 28,275
Sean Astin has been a rebel, an underdog, a Goonie, and a hobbit. Next, he'll be a Ninja Turtle.

Specifically, he'll be providing the voice for Raphael in the new animated series of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, which will debut on Nickelodeon on September 29 at 11am.

Being a child of the 80s and 90s, it doesn't take very much for me to get excited about anything related to the Turtles. That said, as much love as I have for the quartet, the characters I find myself most fond of are the colorful, bombastic villains that they came across on their adventures. Maybe it's because I'm secretly evil (!!!), or it could be a testament to the strength of all the characters throughout the franchise.

Whether playing with the toys, fighting them in video games, or watching them be foiled at every turn, the Ninja Turtles rogue gallery is something to behold. Here's our top five.

5. Shredder

This may seem like blasphemy given that Shredder was seen as the primary and ultimate foe of the Turtles. It could be a case of excessive exposure making us less appreciative of the finer nuances of his character. Still, he's cool enough to make this list. He rocked a ninja mask, samurai helmet, flowing cape, and knives all over his body. He may not be number one, but he's up there.

4. Krang

There are few things cooler than a talking brain (and only three on this list). Krang was the real power behind the scenes, treating the egomaniacal Shredder as his lackey while he inhabited what looked like a scale body mold of WWF wrestler King Kong Bundy. Yet, for some reason, I always enjoyed him most when he was riding around on that little metal tripod and airing his grievances over the ineptitude of his charges. "SHREDderrrrrr!"

3. Slash

The design of Slash was as if someone gave a kid a Ninja Turtle and said "now make him impossibly cool." Pupil-less eyes, one of which is mechanical and/or bright yellow, spikes on his shell, knee and elbow pads with Shredder's knives on them, a sword AND a knife, and the kicker: claws coming out of his knuckles a la Wolverine. Slash was everything a kid could want in a villain and action figure. He was the coolest toy to have and also arguably the toughest villain in any of the TMNT video games (in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time" for the SNES). But did anyone else feel a tinge of sadness when beating him, knowing that he was going to be stranded in the pre-historic era? Poor Slash. I wonder if, when he's sad, he steps outside and plays a guitar solo that opens up the ground like his namesake in Guns N Roses did in the video for "November Rain."

2. The Rat King

One of the things that made The Rat King stand out was that he was outside of the interconnected web of villains. All the other rogues had some sort of connection to Shredder and Krang, whether they were created by them simply allied with them. The Rat King, on the other hand, was his own man. He dwelled in the sewers, wore a cool outfit, and controlled an entire species. Maybe it was his role as an outside that I found so appealing. I also respect gumption of the guy to proclaim himself King of the Rats. He was <i>not</i> elected to that position, yet nobody did anything to stop him.

1. Baxter Stockman

The coolest of the cool. Whenever you saw Baxter Stockman, you knew you were in for a great episode. Although he was unequivocally a villain, he was also a weirdly sympathetic character, starting out as a pathetic former scientist until he was transformed into a mutant fly when Krang's attempt to discard him after he'd no longer been useful backfired. Combined with his scientific propensity, he became one of the Turtles' most difficult foes while also pursuing revenge against his former employers.