Owned Entertainment Inc. announced today their partnership with Entertainment Director, Bobby Razak

June 19, 2009

(PressMediaWire) - Owned Entertainment Inc. announced today their partnership with Entertainment Director, Bobby Razak (www.BobbyRazakMovies.com). Razak serves as Director of several national TapouT commercials, as well as several feature films in the action sports genre. Sports Illustrated has referred to him as “King of the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Screen”. Bobby and Owned President James Hergott’s current collaboration is on the filming of MMA Worldwide, a TV show being distributed by the cable network HDNET. Hergott serves as both Writer and Director for MMA Worldwide while Razak Produces the project. Both Hergott and Razak are heavily involved with MMA Entertainment. Hergott recently completed MMA Legacy (www.mmalegacy.com/) and had a feature film released nationally in theatres in 2005. Hergott can been seen in his recent interview with Fox News: (http://video.aol.com/category/james-hergott). Razak has directed several national commercials and movies for TapouT including Pit Fight, Bloodlines, Mask Man and Simply Believe, which was the official tribute to the passing of Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis of TapouT. Razak’s work on “Simply Believe” garnered so much attention that The Sixth Sense Director, M. Night Shyamalan personally wrote to compliment him on his work. Razak is currently directing a film about the history of MMA titled Und3rdogs. In addition, Razak is directing Sangre Nueva (New Blood), produced with Dethrone Films (www.dethroneclothing.com), which is a film highlighting fighters of Mexican heritage. See more of Razak’s work at (http://www.vimeo.com/user863668).

Owned President James Hergott comments, “The partnership between Bobby and Owned is very significant. From TV, to movies and commercials there isn’t anything in entertainment our team can’t handle. MMA is the most exciting sport in the world and between us we know MMA Entertainment better than anyone on the planet. We will be collaborating on a feature film that we believe will be the best fight movie ever made.” “No one can match our knowledge, experience and connections in MMA that we have as a team,” adds Razak.

Owned Entertainment is positioning itself to be the “go to house” for MMA Entertainment content. Their goal is to handle any size entertainment project in commercial, television and film in the action sports genre. As part of this endeavor, Owned will be apprenticing filmmakers under Hergott and Razak as the next generation of young hot filmmakers.

About MMA Business

In several recent industry articles it was stated that Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has been showing recession resiliency. The sport’s biggest league the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) held what is estimated to be the biggest PPV in history January 31st despite the nation’s economic slowdown. It is estimated that UFC 93 grossed more than $58 Million Pay Per View buys. The UFC’s President Dana White comments on the sports success, “The crazy thing about this sport is we haven’t even scratched the surface on how big this thing is going to be. It's going to be the biggest sport in the world.”

About MMA Worldwide

MMA Worldwide is the first collaboration between Razak and Hergott. The show is brought to you by Bobby Pittman, Publisher of MMA Worldwide Magazine (www.mmaworldwide.com/) and TapouT Magazine. Additional cast includes RJ Clifford, Fred George and Mike ‘Joker’ Guymon. The project is being edited by Chris Staab (The Mayhem Miller Show, Dan Henderson: Quest for the Belt, Choke Out) with camerawork by MMA Worldwide’s Digital Media Director Rick Lee. Aaron Tru's interview with Chris Cyborg for mmaworldwide.com made the top story at TMZ.com and several other news sites this week when he was choked out cold after asking the wrong question to the wrong women.

About MMA Legacy

MMA Legacy is Executive Produced by Jason Chambers (Human Weapon) and his company Jac’D Productions along with Owned Entertainment and Eric Alfio. MMA Legacy is also produced by Gerald Chopik, President of MMA Expo (www.MixedMartialArtsExpo.com). Legacy was created and directed by Owned president James Hergott. The project is sponsored by Hardcor Fightwear (www.GetHardcor.com).

About Owned Entertainment

Owned Entertainment, Inc. (www.OwnedEntertainment.com) engages in investing, producing, and distributing full-length feature films as well as TV projects, video games, and other entertainment entities specifically aimed at young adult males age 18-35. James Hergott can be reached at James@OwnedEntertainment.com. For PR inquiries contact Teddy Bisrat at Ted158@Comcast.net.