First-Ever MP3-Enabled Car Horn

February 9, 2009

The $2 million DiMora Natalia is metallic fuschia, looks like it came out of a movie from the future made in the '80s, and is the first-ever vehicle to come with an MP3-enabled horn.  The music-playing gadgetry is called the Horntones system, and it’s almost comically impressive. 

It’s got a 256MB internal flash memory.  It’s not that much, but really, how many songs do you want to be able to broadcast to passersby? It’s hooked up to a weatherproof, ruggedized, 150-watt compression-driver speaker.  So what would be on your Horntone system?

Personally, I think the only option for the Natalia is this:  


Source: DiMora Motorcar