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Top 10 Celebrity Inventors

by ncoles   August 03, 2011 at 7:00AM  |  Views: 20,462

5. Christie Brinkley – Toy Inventor

Source: U.S. Patent Office

U.S. Patent Number: 4,998,883

Former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model Christie Brinkley is more than just a pretty face. She's an intelligent woman with a love of solving puzzles who wants to make the children of America smarter. Seems almost like an impossible task. So how does she do this? By inventing a toy that will get all a child's brain cells a-buzzing with excitement as it infuses it with knowledge. Well, at least half of that is true. She has indeed invented a toy.

The patent for Brinkley's invention states it's "an educational toy for teaching construction and recognition of predetermined individual forms, comprising of plurality of elemental components having shapes and sizes to constitute components parts of predetermined forms, especially letters of the alphabet." Wow, that's a mouthful. I feel stupid just reading the patent. From the looks of it the toy is far from entertaining (which may explains why it never took off) and consists of seven shapes that can be put together to help children learn the alphabet.

Hmmm, it's probably going to take more than that to get our children learning.

4. Julie Newmar – Booty-Shaping Pantyhose

Source: U.S. Patent Office

U.S. Patent Number: 3,914,799

Julie Newmar is probably best known for playing the "purrfect villainess" Catwoman on the television series Batman. Donning the cat suit every day obviously had an effect on the sultry actress as it inspired her to create an article of clothing to restructure the shape of woman's behind.

In 1974 Newmar invented a pair of pantyhose that "delineate the wearer's derriere in cheeky relief." Yes, they're her own words. The pantyhose are made from a mixture of spandex and nylon and worked to build the wearer's shape into a pleasant, bootylicious silhouette. This was before Beyonce and was a precursor to butt pads and other devices that add junk to a lady's trunk (though Newmar's invention was not meant to make the bottom bigger, just perkier).

According to Ms. Newmar's patent, "The pantyhose include a rear panty portion which covers and confines the wearer's buttocks. An elastic shaping band is attached to the rear panty portion and is connected from the vicinity of the wearer's crotch rearward to the vicinity of a waist band of the pantyhose. The elastic shaping band fits between the wearer's buttocks to produce the desired cheeky relief thereof." Cheeky indeed.

3. Penn Jillette – Hydro-therapeutic Stimulator

Source: U.S. Patent Office

U.S. Patent Number: 5,920,923

Penn Jillette, from the magic duo Penn & Teller, has obviously spent way too much time in Sin City. The raucous, jovial magician has invented a hot tub especially for women. Jillette says he was inspired by a conversation with Debbie Harry of the band Blondie to create a hot tub with water jets that "pleasured a woman." He called it the Jill-Jet, as its original named was too scandalous to print.

On July 13, 1999 Jillette was officially granted a patent for his XXX device. According to the patent, the "Hydro-therapeutic Stimulator" is "a spa of a type including a tub for holding water and a user, in particular, a female user. The spa has a seat for supporting the female user in a seated position, a circulation pump having an inlet connection to the tub for drawing water from the tube, and an outlet connected to the tube for discharging the drawn water back to the tub. A discharge nozzle is located with the tub and connected to the outlet, mounted to the seat so that the discharged water from the circulation pump automatically aligns with and is directed to stimulation points (e.g. the clitoris) of the female user when the female user sits in the seat." Jillette has one on the spas in his home and says it's a big hit with the ladies

2. Jamie Lee Curtis – Baby Diaper with Wipes Holder

Source: U.S. Patent Office

U.S. Patent Number: 4,753,647

Jamie Lee Curtis can do more than just be a scream queen. She's a pioneer on the domestic front, doing her best to make the lives of parents across the United States (and the world) just a little bit better (and cleaner). How, you may ask? By creating an "infant garment" or diaper that contains a clean-up wiper. Yep, Jamie wants to streamline the cleanup of infant waste.

Curtis lodged the paper work for her invention with the patent office in 1987. Her invention is described as "a disposable infant garment which takes the form of a diaper including, on its outer side, a sealed, but openable, moisture proof pocket which contains one or more clean up wipers." It actually seems like a really good idea, and it's strange it never really took off.

1. Marlon Brando – Drum Tuning Device

Source: U.S. Patent Office

U.S. Patent Number: 6,812,392

When you think Marlon Brando, you don't instantly think conga drums, right? Well, apparently the talented actor was a huge fan of creating a beat and hitting the drums. So much so that he developed a revolutionary tuning system for the drum. Brando was granted a patent for a drummer head tension device that would stretch a drum's skin once it lost tension. According to his patent, a motor is attached to the drum, allowing "an individual to quickly and reliably tune the drum either manually, by operating a motor, or automatically by way of a tuning circuit." Neat, huh?

Marlon Brando not only dreamed up ways to improve the humble conga drum, he also invented a special exercise shoe. According to Kevin Costanza, the late actor's patent attorney, "he [Brando] had these shoes that you can wear in the pool that would increase friction as you walk on the bottom of the pool to give you a better workout." Sadly Brando never lodged this invention with the patent office. However his attorney is pushing forward with Brando idea and hopes to start selling the crazy, friction-loving pool shoes soon.

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