See New York City From the Underside of a Skateboard

August 3, 2011

We've seen New York City lots of ways: on the streets, on the subways, from the air, from the water. But one place we've never seen it? From a skateboard. Specifically a skateboard piloted by Josh Maready as he threads his way through New York City traffic. Oh, and did we mention the camera is strapped to the underside of his board?

How did Maready pull it off? Lots of duct tape? Visual trickery? An extremely high board? None of the above: he used a small camera known as a GoPro HD to shoot the video in 1080p. The GoPro is familiar if you're a fan of sports videos: it's designed to be strapped to helmets, attached to surf boards, and pretty much to be put through every conceivable form of abuse for your amusement.

As neat as this is, we've got a few ideas for NYC videos we'd like to see next...

- Strap one of these to a pigeon, and see where it goes.

- Give dozens to hobos and see what they sell them for.

- Attach them to the front of every cab to see how fast they go to flatten pedestrians.

Ahhh, isn't the Big Apple fun?

Source: YouTube