Beowulf vs RobinHood

February 11, 2011

(Sorry about the abnormal writing, Spike decided to make me start over, but luckily I kept saving to word saving to word. Also If there is anything abnormal, please post and I will fix it.)

Beowulf, the famed warrior who was known for killing many mythical creatures weapons or not, fights RobinHood, the famed archer who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. It will be a fight to the death to see who is THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!!!



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Beowulf Assults with:


Close Range: Viking LongSword & Short Axe

Medium Range: Spear

Long Range: Sling?

Special Weapon: Rage!!!

Armor: ChainMail & Viking Helmet

Stragety: Brute Force


RobinHood fights back with:


Close Range: Dagger & Short Sword

Medium Range: Staff

Long Range: (English?) LongBow

Special Weapon: Exploding/Fire Arrows

Armor: None

Stragety: Stealth/Ambush




Viking LongSword & Short Axe vs Dagger and Short Sword EDGE: Viking LongSword

The Longsword has a suerior length over both the dagger and the short sword. The Short Axe is OK but the Dagger and ShortSword is much faster. However; if its Short Axe vs Dagger/Short Sword, Beowulf/his men will be out-stabbed. But if its LongSword vs Dagger or Shortsword, Beowulf/his men will be slaughtering.  So our Fable Barbarian gets the edge!

Go to fullsize imageEDGE: BEOWULF



Spear vs Staff EDGE: EVEN

The Spear has more damage but is rather slow. The Staff is fast, delivers blunt damage and is easier to take out, however its even because the Spear can be thrown and the Staff is harder to avoid. So neither of our fantasy warriors get the edge.


     Go to fullsize image              THE EDGE IS EVEN!




Sling vs Longbow EDGE: LongBow

Innacurate Sling vs Accurate, armor piercing, fast reloading bow of distruction? Really? Anyway but seriously...The Longbow is more accurate, can reload faster, can pierce armor and is a lot faster to set up...wheras the Sling is the Exact OPPOSITE of the LongBow. So our Generous Theif gets the edge at long Range.

EDGE: RobinHood



RAGE!!! vs Exlpoding/Flaming Arrows EDGE: Exploding/Flaming Arrows

Rage basically is when Beowulfs anger escalates to such a point where his pain Tolerence and his strength goes up by 110%. However, even though Beowulf will gain loads of pain tolerence, the only problem is that he can still be killed by an arrow that explodes near his head or if the forest catches on fire, he will burn alive, so Our Generous Theif gets the edge for his Special Weapons killing potentional.

EDGE: RobinHood





Brute Force vs Stealth/Ambush EDGE: BRUTE FORCE

Just like in my other/more older fight; Ninja vs Maori, the reason is same. If RobinHood messes up, Beowulf will be tracking him down until he or RobinHood dies. So our Fable Barbarian gets the edge!






Close Range: Beowulf

Medium Range: EVEN

Long Range: RobinHood

Special Weapon: RobinHood

Armor: SKIPPED (techically Beowulf)

Stragety: Beowulf


It will be a battle of Opposites: Stealth vs Brute Strength, Stealthy Kills vs Up Close and Personal. Its time to see who is; THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!!!


Now into the fight!


-Area: Forest & a Small Meadow

It will be a 6 on 6 battle. RobinHood & his Men vs Beowulf, his brother and his men.



Beowulf and his men are travelling to find a "demon" with "A Green Robe, a hoarde of men, and worst of all, a bow of terrifying capibilites". Well...Beowulf kinda got the idea wrong and thought is was an actual demon, but it was Actually RobinHood!

RobinHood on the other hand, is trying to find food for his family and others, however he looks around but cant find anyone to steal from.

Each warrior eventually meet up at the same area. RobinHood looks at the men confused, but he really needs the money and can care less. Him and 3 other warriors get their arrows ready. Beowulf un-sheaths his longsword and yells "CHARGE!!!"


RobinHood and his 3 other men fire their arrows, killing one of Beowulfs 6 Men and hitting one in the leg and the other one missing. The one hit in the leg starts limping while one tripps over the dead guy and keeps running while RobinHoods men start running away. However one of Beowulfs men catches up and thrusts the Longsword though the neck of one of RobinHoods men.

Beowulf: 5 - Robinhood: 4

Beowulfs men starts running around to find Robinhoods men. One of Beowulfs men, the one that killed one of RobinHoods men to be exact finds of of RobinHoods men and starts charging after the man. RobinHoods troop takes out a staff and knocks the longsword away. Beowulfs troop takes out his spear and each start going back and fourth. RobinHoods man starts running away as Beowulfs man throws a rock at RobinHoods man. The Rock misses so the throws the Spear, going raight though him.

Beowulf: 5 - RobinHood: 4

Immidetly after he killed Beowulfs man, another one of RobinHoods men fires his Longbow arrow, going right though the neck of Beowulfs man. RobinHoods man puts his Bow away and keeps walking with the dead guys staff and his dagger. Another one of Beowulfs men finds him and charges at him. Beowulfs men charges at him with a Short Axe and a Longsword. RobinHoods man smashes Beowulfs mans jaw with the staff and stabbs him multiple times. RobinHoods man Diggs the Short Axe into the leg of RobinHoods man and decapitates him. He however, dies fast from blood loss.

Beowulf: 3 - RobinHood: 3

One of Beowulfs men was walking around with his Short Axe and tries to find RobinHoods men. RobinHoods man jumps out and tries to slit the throat of Beowulfs men but he turned around fast enough to prevent himself from getting killed. Beowulfs men tries to throw swings with his Short Axe, however RobinHoods man throws more sucessful stabs and slits the throat of Beowulfs man as he grabbs his Longbow and climbs trees and swings from them like a Monkey, trying to find Beowulf and his Brother.

Beowulf: 2 - RobinHood: 3

Beowulf and his brother are strolling around to try to find Robinhoods men. Beowulf has no weapons with him but a Short Axe in his pocket while his bro has a Longsword and Sling. Both of RobinHoods men find them and RobinHood sees Beowulf and his brother. RobinHood gets his staff and readies his LongBow. Beowulf does not see the other 2 but his brother does. He pushes Beowulf out of the way as he is killed by 2 Exploding arrows. Beowulf, in disbelief looks at his dead brother. He starts breathing heavily, and he looks up at the 2 mean that killed his Brother. He starts breathing heavier and he starts growling as his teeth start Sharpening, he starts growing bigger, but most of all, a myterious Red Aura stars emenating from him. He yells "YOU KILLED HIM!!! And he took his own life for I SHALL AVENGE HIM BY SPEWING YOUR BLOOD!!!" as he grabs a gigantic Boulder and throws it at the tree where the 2 archers were, killing them both instantantly. He then changes his direcrion at RobinHood, who is wide-eyed and in complete disbelief at what just happened. He tries to find an area to run away but cant as he is basically in a dead end. Beowulf runs at an amazing speed as RobinHood starts to climb a tree. Beowulf yells "YOU CANT RUN FROM ME!!! YOU DEMON!!!" he grabs the entire tree and starts shaking it, eventually throwing him off the tree. RobinHood throws his staff at Beowulf, the staff completly shattering to peices. He then fires an arrow, the arrow also bounces off. Beowulf runs towards RobinHood as he crawls away, but Beowulf grabs his leg and digs him into the Ground, punching him in the ribs, also his Red Aura turning into a Redish-Blue. RobinHood coughs up blood and asks "Who...-coughs up blood-...are...-coughs up blood (again)- you? Beowulf looks at him, then looks up and yells "I am Beowulf! BEOWULF!!!!!!!!" As he he excerts all his aura pounding RobinHoods head into a Bloody Mess. In fact, Beowulf Beats him so badly, RobinHoods head is open, brain matter everywhere, the ground, on his body, on Beowulfs Knuckles, on Beowulfs shirt, etc. As he cuts his hand and puts some blood on his Brothers face as he walks away.

Beowulf: 1 RobinHood: 0




Beowulfs capabilites at close range along with superior armor and strength easily overcame RobinHoods ability at long Range.


Beowulfs KILLS: 628 KILLS

RAGE!!!: 238 Kills--> Amazingly, it gave Beowulf unbelieveable strength, which enabled Beowulf to take 0-2% damage from attacks and pummeled everything.

LongSword: 169 Kills--> This weapon did pretty good, outranging the Dagger and the Short Sword

Spear: 167 Kills--> Did OK, its throwing capabilites made up for maybe 62% of its kills.

Short Axe: 54 Kills--> Why did it get such a low amount of kills? Uh...Short axe.

Sling: 0 Kills--> Its a sling.

Beowulfs amazing abilitys at close range overpowered RobinHood at all ranges and well...the results speak for itself.


RobinHoods Kills: 352 Kills

LongBow: 302 Kills--> This weapons range/versetility/armor piercing power/Speed got an outstanding 301 Kills.

Staff: 11 Kills--> The speed of this Staff did uh...Not much to say

Short Sword: 15 Kills--> It can pierce armor, and is fast, not much to say

Dagger: 0 Kills--> Incredible more details.

Exploding/Flaming Arrows: 24 Kills--> Most of RobinHoods men/RobinHood perfered their Longbow, but these did OK


NEXT UP: Actually...I am not sure which to do: KGB vs Mafia or SWAT vs Taliban. Post on wich you want, I will count up the votes and write which has the most votes.