The Most Ballin' PlayStation Money Can Buy

February 26, 2010

Sure, the PS3 Slim is cool and all, with its svelte design, reasonable price, and the capability to "Do everything." But some might say, it just lacks a little zazz. This case mod might just be what the doctor ordered. If that doctor is sufficiently ill.

Available now for a mere 70 bones, the XCM Cyberchrome PS3 Slim case mod turns your Darth Vader-inspired rig into a shiny chrome street machine that's ready to tear up the internets and blind all the hataz.

But if you found yourself frustrated about the first PS3's "dust magnetism" you might want to hold off, as this mod will almost certainly make your new blinged-out console more high maintenance in the aesthetic upkeep department. Your call!

Source: Total Console