Mantenna - Monday, January 26

January 26, 2009

A Brazilian Miss World contestant passes away after a tragic illness, the inside scoop on Mickey Rourke's outrageous paycheck for Iron Man 2, and the Top 10 sexiest female celebrity's the Mantenna!

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Brazilian Model Dies Bizarre Death

A 20-year-old Brazilian Miss World finalist has died as a result of complications from a seemingly ordinary urinary tract infection. Mariana Bridi was living the life of an international model and her career was beginning to take off before she fell ill and doctors diagnosed her with kidney stones. After New Year's, she returned to hospital in septic shock and had to have her feet and hands amputated. A few weeks later she was dead. Doctors say the urinary infection spread and was extremely resistant to drugs. [Los Angeles Times]

What Happened to Jessica Simpson?

An inflated Jessica Simpson sang a few of her songs at a Chili Cook Off in Pembroke Pines, Florida, over the weekend. The tubby-looking Simpson performed for a local country radio station wearing unflattering mom jeans and two belts. The former pop star (now country singer) proudly showed off her holiday weight gain, proving she is just like everybody else. [WWTDD]

The 10 Sexiest Celebrity Lips

Manofest has the list of the 10 sexiest celebrity lips, although, really, it’s a list of 10 celebrities with sexy lips.  If it were a list of the lips, it’d have to be a top 20.  But whatever, we’re not here to do math.  We’re here to gawk at some luscious smackers. Notable inclusions are: Rihanna, Nina Moric, and Sarlett Johansson. We shouldn’t have to tell you who ate up the #1 spot. [Manofest]

Mickey Rourke Gets Paid a Working Wage for Iron Man 2

When we think of big time actors in the movies, actors like, say, Mickey Rourke, we think of men and women who get paid ridiculous amounts of money for their efforts. Whether or not they actually earn the money or not, we expect them to get paid in the seven figures. Well, it looks like Mickey Rourke – who’s slated to play a villain in Iron Man 2 – will get paid the paltry sum of a corporate lawyer or surgeon: $250,000. And so far he’s being a pretty good sport about it, too. Not that we shed tears for him or anything – the man will still be making over $12,000 a day. But compared to what Robert Downey, Jr. is going to make (random guess: $15 to 20 mil), he’s a downright pauper. [The Movie Blog]

Miley Cyrus Loves Iron Maiden?!

Teen pop queen Miley Cyrus has been spotted recently wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt and she's taken to YouTube to declare her love for the iconic metal band. "I actually do like Iron Maiden," she said in her MileyWorld video. "'Run to the Hills,' good song, you guys should check it out.” She also listed "Fear of the Dark" and "Running Free" among her other favorites. She’s still a poseur if you ask us. []

Is Ziggy Coming Back From the Dead?

David Bowie, who is currently back in the studio recording a new album, is said to be in talks with the organizers of this year's Coachella event in California over a special headline performance. Bowie has been asked to perform his 1972 glam epic, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, in it's entirety for the three-day event in April.   A source told British newspaper the Daily Star, "Coachella tried to book Bowie last year and he refused, so they got Prince to headline instead. But there's a very strong chance they will be able to persuade him this year." [Daily Star]

Steve Jobs goes Under the Knife?


Source: Lester Cohen / WireImage / Getty Images

Gawker media is reporting that an “inside source” at Stanford Hospital revealed at a Silicon Valley party that Steve Jobs had been checked into the Stanford hospital and was slated to undergo some kind of surgery this morning.  As usual, nobody knows for sure what kind of surgery it is or even what Jobs’ mystery ailment is.  As of today, he remains CEO of Apple and is said to be involved in all of their “major strategic decisions.” [Gawker]

Government Gets Super Laser Working

Boeing (you know them for their big airplanes) is actually a major, major weapons manufacturer.  And, one of their newest and coolest weapons is the Laser Avenger system.  It’s basically a gigantic laser that shoots an invisible beam right through missiles (as well as unmanned aerial vehicles) from afar.  The idea is to neutralize threats without revealing the location of troops.  Invisible laser net of protection? Sign us up. [Gizmodo]

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