Honda Walking Robot for Rehab and Lazy People

November 7, 2008

So far, the Honda walking aid doesn’t have a name because it’s in the experimental phase.  So for now, I shall call it the procto-walker from the Greek pr¿ktos meaning “anus.”   Because, well...look at it!  It goes right up there. 

Is a little help walking worth taking one in the back door with every step?  One would have to be phenomenally crippled, or phenomenally lazy.  I’ll give you two guesses at which one I am, but you should only need one.  I’m a bloggernaut for goodness sake. 

Developed from the same tech that lead to Asimo, the device seems to work like a t-bar when you ski.  You can't really sit on it all the way, but leaning into it supports a great deal of your weight (presumably by leaning it against your shame at having a walking robot).  You can wear your own shoes, so at least your feet won't look like a lazy robot from the boring future - just the rest of you.