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Blood on the Sand: I.R.A. vs. Taliban

by spike.com   June 02, 2009 at 9:30PM  |  Views: 266

When you don't know when, or how, the next attack is coming from, when you begin to suspect your neighbors, countrymen, and every foreigner of plotting an attack on your life and your country, you've surrendered to fear. You're not being vigilant-you're living in terror of the unknown.

Thankfully, it's fairly easy to conquer fear of the unknown through information. Which is exactly what we aim to do tonight-we don't have all the answers, but we'd like to start you on the path to learning more about how terrorists live and work on their own turf.

We've spoken before about how we're interested in getting inside our warriors-taking apart their arms, armor, and tactics to see what makes them tick-well, the same thing applies to terrorists. As Sun Tzu said, "know thy enemy..."

We only have the time to cover a small sampling of their arms and tactics, but both the IRA and Taliban present interesting case studies in modern terrorism. By examining their arms and their tactics, we hope to pull away the mask of fear that their brand of scum hide behind.

I'll leave it to tonight's episode to give you a more thorough breakdown of the IRA and the Taliban, and you can certainly learn more on your own. As always, I encourage you to find out more from the plenitude of resources available on the Internet and in libraries.

Those who would claim that we are somehow glorifying terrorism miss the point-whoever emerges as the "victor" of tonight's simulation leaves a pile of corpses in their wake. Yet they too will suffer at the hands of their enemy in our simulation. If you wish to look to this episode, or indeed, our entire show for a moral, it is this: the wages of sin are death, and violence begets more violence. Those who fight for the spoils of war, who glorify in violence itself, reap what they sow. Live by the sword, and ye shall surely die by it.

You've already seen this demonstrated in Mafia vs. Yakuza. We didn't glorify organized crime, but set wolf against wolf, to show ultimately, the price they paid.