Wait, How Many Strikes in a Row Did This Guy Just Throw?

June 9, 2010

The bowling world recently saw its most hallowed record fall during co-ed league night at the Red Crown Bowling Center in Southern Pennsylvania. Provided he passes the requisite steroid tests, the man who broke it may become the Swatara Township Joe DiMaggio.

Tommy Gollick, a 32-year-old part-time bowler and full-time badass, shattered a 24-year-old record by throwing 47 straight strikes over four games.

Like other superstar athletes who earn $2,500/year playing in regional bowling tournaments, Gollick showed how much he cared about the accomplishment at the end of his 48th frame.

“He quit,” said lane owner Karl Schweitzer. “I kind of thought he would keep going, just to see how many more he could get. He might have hit 10 more. Who knows?”
Yes, Gollick quit.

Whether it’s because he had exhausted the league’s four game maximum rule or simply wanted to beat traffic, Gollick took off his rented shoes and walked away at the top of his game.

Somewhere, John Elway and the one other athlete who retired in his prime are probably smiling.

Photo: Pennlive.com