BMS Presents - Thad's Favorite Sports Manswers

December 3, 2010

Okay, you guys wanted it and you got it. My nerd and I got together again to talk about something very close to my heart – sports.

This one took a long time because first I had to tell him what sports were. Then he had to tell me that he already knew because I guess there were jocks at his high school too. I thought all those nerds had to go to some school for underprivileged kids who can’t throw a spiral or hit a curveball. It was a really educational talk. Then he put that electric chair stuff on my golf ball-sized hailstones and we were back to watching some awesome Manswers clips.

Here are the ones that made my friends dance a little. I can’t wait for the new season, bros.


5. What's the Best Way to Kick the Crap out Somebody?

I'm a black belt in Thad Fu. That's headbutting a guy in the nose and then kicking him while he's down. The team doctor says I have the hardest and thickest skull he's ever seen.


4. Is the Death Touch real?

Me and Radon tried to do this the other day after we got wrecked and watched Kill Bill. I guess if he dies in a couple days it'll be in the papers. So don't tell anyone.


3. How Can You Escape a Straitjacket?

Not technically a sport, but you have to be pretty athletic and you never know when some slute is going to want you to do something really twisted. Well, you don't. I do. Three times a week.


2. Should Athletes Abstain from Sex the Night Before a Big Game?

That's like telling me not to pee before a long car trip, or not to have sex before a long car trip. Or not to have sex before having sex.


1. Which sport is most likely to kill you?

Yeah, this doesn’t include “sports played against me, Thad Castle.” Then it would be all of them. Even poker.

You're getting pumped too, right? Of course you are. The new Wednesday nights on Spike kick off with an all-new 1000 Ways to Die at 10PM/9c. After that, you got Manswers and then a little show you may have heard of called Blue Mountain State. Don't miss it, or I'll come over and kill you with Jacks and Sevens.