Angelina Jolie's First-Ever Modeling Shots Set for Sale

March 23, 2010

Never-before-seen photographs of Angelina Jolie’s first-ever modeling shoot have been discovered and are set to be sold at auction this week. See them all after the jump.

The shots were taken nearly twenty years ago by photographer Harry Langdon. The then-15-year-old Jolie posed in a series of provocative outfits for Langdon, including a leopard skin print dress, a flowing evening dress with hat, denim shorts with a crop top, and a revealing bikini. It is evident from the photographs that even at an early age the soon-to-be-famous actress was developing what would become her trademark pouted lip look.

The photographs are to be sold this Friday at an auction in California.

What do you think of the photographs?


Source: Splash News