Jason Mayhem Miller: Popularity Rises With Controversy

June 5, 2010

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Jason Mayhem Miller is certainly a household name following the Strikeforce Nashville Brawl which occurred this past April 17th, 2010.  The brawl was sparked when Jason Mayhem Miller entered the octagon after Jake Shields' victory over Dan Henderson to ask the Middleweight champ for a re-match. It was then that Shields' corner (consisting of Strikeforce Lightweight Champion, Gilbert Melendez and the Diaz brothers, Strikeforce Welterweight Champion, Nick Diaz and UFC welterweight, Nate Diaz intervened and shoved Mayhem Miller out of the spotlight, causing the brawl. So why do we say his popularity has grown so much? The proof is on the <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.twitter.com/mayhemmiller" target="_blank">Mayhem Miller Twitter</a> page. According to Twitter tracking software, TwitterCounter, Jason Mayhem Miller's Twitter followers have grown 13.92% over the past 18 days! On April 16th the day before Strikeforce Nashville, Miller had 33,732 followers, and his Twitter follower count only skyrocketed from there, check out the numbers below.


April 17th: 33,795 (+ 63)                                       April 18th: 35,216 (+ 1,421)

April 19th: 36,345 (+ 1,129)                                  April 20th: 36,953 (+ 590)

April 21st: 37,230 (+ 295)                                     April 22nd: 37,335 (+ 125)

April 26th: 37,886 (+ 551)                                     May 1st: 38,236 (+ 350)

May 4th: 38,501 (+265)

<h2>Jason Mayhem Miller: MMA Villan or Misunderstood?</h2>

So is Miller an MMA villain or just misunderstood. We don't think Miller entered that cage with bad intent. You see the move he pulled all the time in boxing. One fighter (Mayhem Miller in this case) enters the ring or cage in order to challenge the champion (Jake Shields), thus generating some pre-fight hype and media attention. It is usually a smart move on the challenger's part but in this case the worst case scenario came true.  Maybe that is because Miller, Shields and Melendez had all fought earlier in the night, so testosterone levels were un-doubtfully high and clouding their judgment. Regardless we don't think Mayhem Miller should be MMA's villain - he just wanted his re-match and did not think about the consequences before acting on April 17th during the CBS broadcast of Strikeforce Nashville. Brush it off, time to move on.


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