Life-Sized LEGO Sub-Machine Gun is the Perfect Weapon Against Terrorist Blockheads

December 14, 2009

The BrickGun SMG is touted as being "the most realistic Lego weapon possible." Matching its real life counterpart, the Heckler & Koch MP5 in every detail possible (down to the size and fully functioning collapsible stock and cocking handle), we're inclined to believe the BrickGun maker's claims.


According to the makers of the kit, the BrickGun SMG is a limited edition offering due to the rarity of the parts used to construct the model. Considering the level of detail and movable parts found within this faux-SMG, it's amazing that all parts involved in the construction of the SMG are genuine LEGO blocks.

Using rubber bands in place of the springs found in its real-life counterpart, the BrickGun SMG also sports a working safety and removable ammo magazine, further bridging the gap between LEGO and reality.

With all this awesome block-based hardware at the ready, can a LEGO reenactment of the notorious mission from Modern Warfare 2 be far off?




Source: BrickGun