Zuko VS. Shang Tsung

January 18, 2011

We have two warriors who have never met in history because they both come from Fantasy. Who will win in a match between a firebender and a sorcerer. Who is the deasliest warrior.

NOTE:                                                                                                                                    Im not affliated with Nickelodeon studio's, Warner Bros and spike tv. The match up is purely fanbased and should be treated as such.

Zuko                                                                                                                                      I can write down the story of Zuko, but it will take a long time and im not even shure if you guys are going to read it. Thats why i will not do this. I will give a link to the story of Zuko of which i hope you will like and read.  I do have to note that in the beginning of the series, Zuko was 16 and at the end probably around 18.                                             avatar.wikia.com/wiki/zuko

The main fighting styles of Zuko are Shaolin Kung fu and ninjitsu. Shaolin is used with firebending, but can also be used without the fire. The Ninjitsu is something Zuko has used in combat and different aspects of it, like running on walls is something he has shown in the show. Zuko is also a brute fighter in the double wielding Dao swords. In the guise of the blue spirit or whenever he was not able to firebend he has shown that he has masterd swordfighting with these swords. Furthermore Zuko is an great firebennder. After loosing the ablilty to firebend, he had relearned it with help of the last dragons. He can create and manipulate fire in several ways. He can shoot balls of fire, create a firewall or fireshield, use his hands as a big flamethrower or make even an tornado of fire. lastly Zuko is very agile. He can dodge attacks with ease, and can do very cool moves. he is also a master in stealth, hiding for the oponent untill it is too late.


Shang Tsung                                                                                                                        Again, i can write the whole lifestory of Shang Tsung, which is very fun. Instead, i am going to provide a link to the story of Shang Tsung, so you guys can read it all yourselfs. I would suggest you do it, so you can get a better idea of this warrior and the fight. I do have to note that the age of Shnag tsung is not clear, he has tgo absorb the souls of his enemies to stay alive and can be around 1000 years old.        mortalkombat.wikia.com/wiki/Shang_Tsung

The hand to hand combat styles of Shang Tsung are the crane figting style and snake. Both are animal type Kung fu. To be honest, Shang Tsung has knowlegde about over 1000 fighting styles but these are the primary two. His choise for weapon is the simple straight sword. Easy, one handed for both cutting and thrusting, Shang Tsung is able to impale his opponent with it. The magic of Shang Tsung exist mostly of fire. Shang Tsung has the ability to use fireballs to attack the opponent. He can also send flaming skulls to give the attack more power. He can also send dual fireballs from both sides, increasing the possibility to hit and can send flaming skulls from the ground. Also, Shang Tsung can steal souls. Originally this was a curse, he needs the soul of the opponent, Shang Tsung made it to his advantage and stole the souls of his defeated foe. In battle, Shang can take a little piece of the soul, with the only effect that the opponent looses energy and he gains a little. If the foe is defeated, Shang tsung can take the whole soul and theirby gain all knowlegde and thoughts his opponent had. The tactics Shang Tsung uses are transformation, he is able to transform into anyone he wishes, making the opponent open for suprise attacks. Shang Tsung also can teleport. If he concentrates he can teleport longer distances, but in an fight, he would only be able to teleport within the battlefield.




Shaolin Kung fu+ Ninjitsu Vs. Crane+Snake Kung fu                                                            Both are good martial arts and normally i would give shaolin and ninjitsu the egde, due to the fact that those are a more variety of styles. Crane and Snake are both animal kung fu styles and Shaolin and Ninjitsu are different styles altogether. But Shang tsung is much older, with maybe around 1000 years of age. That comparing to the age of 16/18 years of zuko, making Shang Tsung much more trained in the style.                         Edge: Even


Dao Swords Vs. Straight Sword                                                                                            The Dao swords are a deadly combination of weapons and Zuko is clearly efficent in the use of them. Both using for thrusting and cutting, Zuko can use one dao to block and the other to kill. The straight sword is only one weapon, but very good for the purpose of killing. Shang Tsung can also impale his victim and use fire in combination with the sword. Altough Zuko can wield fire too in combination with his dao swords. Due to the fact that Zuko is more versatile with his weapons, he gets the egde.                                 Edge: Zuko


Fire Vs. Magic                                                                                                                        Zuko has a whole range of fire attacks and can use that fire in the most incredible ways like fire daggers, fire tornado's and even fire tentacles. The fire of Shang tsungis straightforward fire balls but he can add a skull to the flaming whole. Shang Tsung also has another advantage, called soul steal. Shang Tsung can take life energy from his opponent and take it himself, making him able to recover faster in a fight. This ability gives him the egde.                                                                                                              Edge: Shang Tsung


Agility+ Stealth Vs. Transformation+ teleportation                                                                Stealth and transformation are perfect to make shure the enemie does not see you and agility makes you able to dodge better. Teleportation also makes shure you can dodge attacks and strike from the back of the opponent. None of these are useful for inflicting damage but they are great skills in a fight. Transformation has one added effect, Shang Tsung can transform into Zuko. This is very demoralising and Shang tsung could use the attacks of Zuko against him. The attacks would be weaker and with less skill, but it can happen. That combined with the ability to out of nothing attack the back of his opponent gives Shang Tsung a small edge.                                                                                         Edge: Shang Tsung

I challenge you to Mortal Agnai Kay Kombat


Zuko walked with a bit of unrest trough the thick forest on the island. There was an invading stranger here, attacking his people. As firelord, Zuko normally would send his soldiers to deal with such people. He already had done that without result, now he would deal with that man personal. Not only because his soldiers could not beat him, Zuko had found out that the man was searching for Aang. His Dao blades attached to his back, Zuko was now stealthy looking for this strange warrior on the island. Wanting to kill him, but moving with as less noise as possible. After an time of searching, he found the man sitting on the ground, eating berries.

This is a strange place, Shang Tsung thought. At first, the sorcerer entered this realm by accident but after he heard about a bald young boy who was able to use fire, wind, earth and water, Shang Tsung wanted to have his soul. If he was able to steal the soul of this young warrior, Shang Tsung would become the most powerful warriors in all the realms, able to destroy Liu kang and take over the throne of Shao Kahn. While searching for the young guy called avatar, Shang had been attacked by soldiers clad in red. He easily defeated them but did not care to take their souls. These fools were not worth it. Now on a small island, Shang Tsung was sitting underneath a large tree in a forest eating some strange but tasteful berries.

Zuko smiled faintly and proceeded to get closer, without his opponent noticing it. Before his opponent could notice him, Zuko aimed a fireball at him and fired it off.               Shang Tsung suddenly got hit by a fireball  and quicly stood up, looking around. Out of nowwhere, a man with a big scar around the eye jumped towards him slamming his fist into the face of Shang. Angry Shang shot a fireball to create distance and when Zuko came in again, they furiously attacked each other. Both very skilled in unarmed combat, the two warriors attacked, blocked and countered attacks. Zuko created a dagger of fire and attacked shang. Shang blocked the attack by the forearm and Zuko kicked the sorcerer in the stumach. Before Shang Tsung could recover Zuko sweeped the leg, tripping Shang. Seeing his opponent on the ground, Zuko made a fist of fire, wanting to finish it off but before he had a chance, a flaming skull soared his way, hitting him in the chest and making him fly against a tree. As the birds flew out of the tree, Zuko jumped up and swung his hand as fire reached for his opponent. Shang Tsung countered by shooting two fireballs from his hands, meaning to meet in a circle. Shang Tsung got hit by the fire, that also swallowd the grass while Zuko jumped back, letting the fireballs hitting a tree. The fire attacks of both men created fire in the forest, making the already heated battle more intense. Shang managed to slam the face of Zuko in a tree and when he tried it again, zuko walked over the bask of the tree, jumping in the air and getting behind Shang Tsung and slamming his elbow in the temple of the older man. Zuko then created a blast of fire throwing the warrior backwards. Zuko the kicked the man who lay on the grass in the stumach and when he wanted to finish it by hammering the throat, Shang tsung looked develish. As Zuko fell suddenly some pain, he noticed something green leaving him and entering his opponent, who kicked him back and before Zuko knew it, the warrior was gone.

Shang Tsung had succesfully stolen a bit of the sould of the firelord and transported away. As the fire played with the shadows and took with the second more of the forest. Zuko sneaked through the forest, searching for his opponent when he saw a man. He drew his swords aiming to attack him, Zuko saw that it was just an old fisherman, probably lost. 'Get away now' Zuko yelled to the old fisherman as Zuko turned his back to him to look some further when suddenly he got hit in the back and thrown against a tree. Zuko looked up and saw how the old fisherman transformed into HIM. Zuko was now looking at a complete replica of him, identical hair, clothes and even the scar. angry by this strange sorcery and insult Zuko jumped at his opponent, having lost his swords when he was thrown to the tree. The two warriors battled again with their fists, incoperating fire in the fight. The fake Zuko got hit a few times in the face, forcing him to transform back into his real self, Shang Tsung. 

Both men reached for their swords and attacked again. As steel clenged against steel, the two men were trying to maim or kill each other now, both getting clearly tired from the fight. Zuko used his swords to create more fire, sending it to Shang Tsung who fired a fiery skull back to his opponent. Both attacks hit each other in mid air, spraying fire all around. Shang Tsung then tried to stab his opponent, but the swordblow got blocked by a dao as the other dao reached for the arm of Tsung and slashed it. Zuko swung his weapons again and Shang could only hold off two attacks before he was kicked backwards and could only barely teleport away, making the dao swords hit a tree, which was already on fire. The weakend Shang Tsung appeard behind the firebender and slashed the hand, forcing Zuko to let go of a dao sword. Zuko slashed with his other sword as Shang Tsung did the same. Both men were now trying to force the other one away, with Shang tsung losing when he suddenly wisperd something and again, a bit of soul flew out of the body of Zuko, entering that of Shang Tsung. With the roles of power swapped, Shang had enough power to push the dao away and kicked it out of the hand of Zuko. The angry young man created fire again, aiming to hit his opponent, when suddenly Shang Ysung impaled his stumach with the straight sword. Zuko felt an incruciating pain and felt the foot of his opponent hitting his knee, forcing Zuko down. As Zuko succeeded to pull the sword away, he felt his opponent grapping his head. Zuko could not prevent that Shang Tsung broke his neck while yelling 'Your soul is mine!' As the neck of Zuko broke, his full soul left his body and entered that of Shang Tsung. 

The outworld sorcerer dropped the lifeless body on the ground and spent a few minutes with the fire all around him, he was thinking. Ahh there the avatar is, Shang Tsung thought as he teleported away. He would become much more powerful, really soon.

Winner: Shang Tsung



Shang Tsung: 32.5

Snake+ Crane Kung fu: 7.5

Straight Sword: 8

Magic: 9

Teleportation+ Transformation: 8


Zuko: 31.5

Ninjitsu+ shaolin Kung fu: 7.5

Dao Swords: 8.5

Fire: 8

Agility+ stealt: 7.5


In the end, the ability of Shang Tsung to steal parts of the soul of his opponent and the fact that he could transform into anyone, gave him the win. Both warriors were greatly skilled and almost evenly matched but in the end, the firebender was just not able to take down the warrior from mortal kombat