A Star Wars Fan's Ultimate Nightmare

July 7, 2008


Two scorned women bitch and moan about their scandalous boyfriends going to strip clubs and traveling to Vegas.  If my exes held me to these standards, I'd be keel-hauled by now. To get back at their boys (being boys), these girls decide to break up one of his Star Wars collectibles.  The video of these heart (and toy) breakers is after the jump, and is part of a very disturbing trend of embittered lovers destroying the things most valuable to us.  


The thing that bothers me about this video is there's no way that some dude with that extensive collection of memorabilia has a fiance.  And, even if somehow he's duped this woman into betrothal, the joke is definitely on her.  One Stormtrooper is a small price to pay for steady play.