Rajput vs Viking

January 29, 2011




Chakrams (2).



Great Ax.


Double Spears.

Viking Shield.


Katars vs Great Ax. Edge = Great Ax.

Of course the Ax is slower, and can be caught by the Katar, but since the Ax comes down with such a punishing blow, and with longer range, it has the edge.

Khanda vs Longsword. Edge = Even.

Both these swords are incredibly dangerous and deadly, one that slashes you in half, and another that entirely decapitates you, so I call even.

Chakrams vs Spears. Edge = Chakrams.

The Chakram is more accurate, faster, and kills with every part of it, where if you are only hit with the shaft of the Spear, which is slower and inaccurate, you will not die, making the thrown Spear an not-assured weapon.

Aara vs Shield. Edge = Shield.

I find the Aara almost useless against chain mail, and with the Shield it will be almost unusable. The Shield, however, can protect from an attack and deliver blunt trauma. Therefore, the edge is clearly given.

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A Rajput is sharpening his weapons with a stone while resting in a forest. He also lifted up his shield, and started walking slowly and quietly. After an hour, he comes upon a Viking, looking the other way, chopping some firewood for the night. The Rajput finds this large man as a threat, so he throws his chakram, but the Viking ducked to pick up another log. He looks up to see the disc lodged into a tree ahead of him. He looks behind and sees the Rajput, muttering to himself how he never misses. The Viking grabbed his weapons and shield, and charged. He threw one of his spears, but the Rajput jumped away, and it missed by a few feet.

The Viking ran up, and speared the Rajput's shield with his other spear. The Rajput had to let go, as a huge hole broke in it, and was being tugged on by the Viking. The Rajput jumped back, and started twirling around his aara. He sliced at the Viking's head, but he lifted up his shield, where it bounced off. With a few more swings, the Rajput soon found the weapon useless, and dropped it. The Viking knocked the Rajput down, where he grabbed his great ax, and slashed down.

The Rajput grabbed his katar, and held the ax with all his strength. It was a long battle, but the Rajput grabbed his other katar, and stabbed into the Viking's thigh. He fell down, to see the Rajput getting up, pulling out his khanda. He slashed down on the Viking, only for the blade to bounce off the metal boss on his shield. After more slashes however, the khanda was able to cut off the edges of some of the shield. Getting smaller and smaller by the minute, the Viking threw his shield up into the Rajput's face as a last attempt. He got up in the Rajput's confusion, where he lifted up his longsword.

The two fought eachother with their swords, where every slash, stab, or swing was stopped by the other blade, or blocked by each other's armor. Eventually the Rajput was able to spin around the Viking, catching him off guard, and with his back to the Raj, he stabbed into his spine, where the Viking collapsed. He couldn't even turn around, which was the true terrifying part. He felt another stab in his shoulder, and was spun over by the Rajput. He watched in horror as the khanda sliced his neck open.

Winner: Rajput!Rajput: 554.

Katars: 164.

Khanda: 256.

Chakrams: 132.

Aara: 2.

Viking: 446.

Great Ax: 149.

Longsword: 169.

Spears: 7.

Shield: 121.