Mantenna - Friday, February 26

February 26, 2010

Simon Cowell is engaged, Captain America could be delayed, and Lady Gaga's Q Magazine cover gets banned in the U.S....I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious Mantenna.

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Simon Cowell is Engaged

The American Idol meanie is getting hitched. The 50-year-old British television personality has asked his girlfriend of nearly a year, 36-year-old make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy, for her hand in marriage. The two have known each other for several years, meeting on the set of American Idol where Hussainy is the head make-up artist. Word is the two could be walking down the aisle very soon. [Radar]

Courtney Love Attacks Former Flame Edward Norton

In a bizarre and at time incomprehensible rant on Twtter, Courtney Love is claiming that ex-boyfriend Edward Norton owes her $300,000. The two met in the 1990s after starring together in The People vs. Larry Flynt. Love says she wants him to pay back the money she gave him for a private fund or she’s going to get the authorities involved. In one of Love’s crazed tweets (she posted over 20 in the space of an hour) she wrote, “@EdwardNorton you want to be president, and i want you to be but clean ths [sic] mess up." Please, someone take away Love’s Twitter privileges. [Huffington Post]

Captain America Could Be Delayed

Marvel claims that everything is just fine and peachy, but there are rumors that director Joe Johnston is walking away/getting fired from the Captain America project, and this isn’t the first of those rumors. Marvel is sticking a happy face on the situation, saying that there are most definitely no problems and everything is going forward as planned. Hopefully this is a good thing. Still no news on who is going to play Captain America. [/Film]

Angelina Jolie Is No Longer Wanted

Angelina Jolie has officially given the heave-ho to a Wanted sequel. Why? Because she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a sci-fi film in space. This has effectively destroyed the Wanted sequel (in case anyone cares – did a sequel ever really make that much sense?), but she is set on joining Alfonso Cuaron’s (Children of Men) movie. Jolie will get tons of screen time as the only survivor on her mission to space, which sounds a lot like a certain movie we’ve seen starring Sam Rockwell recently. Hey, shoot for the Moon, right? [NY Mag]

15 WTFortune Cookies

Even aside from adding " bed" to the end of every sentence, the post-meal delights of fortune cookies are surprisingly funny sometimes. Or if not funny, then just plain weird. CollegeHumor has gathered up some of their favorites so pop on over there to take a look. [CollegeHumor]

Lady Gaga Q Cover Banned in the U.S.

Phtoto: Gail Rickett/Getty Images 

The Lady Gaga cover on the new Q Magazine has been banned in its full visual form in the U.S. due to more boob than usual. On the cover, Gaga is showing off a substantial amount of lower-boob and a phallic-looking member in her leather pants. Certain U.S. chains have said they will stock Q only if the offending area is covered up, but New York State law doesn't permit showing anything below the nipple. What year is it again? [MTV]

America Remains on top of the Hockey World for At Least 48 More Hours

The United States Olympic hockey team continued their impressive run through the 2010 Olympics with a 6-1 shellacking of Finland earlier today. The team's magical run has now given this country three of its favorite things... A nice bandwagon to jump on, the ability to make smaller/poorer countries feel badly about themselves, and yet another excuse to make fun of Canadian people. (We just need to throw in a lifted truck, Miley Cyrus, and some bailout money for the guys who got cut from the team. [ESPN]

Sony Has No Idea What the PS4 Will Be

Sony exec Jack Tretton told Fast Company that he "can't even imagine what can be done technically beyond the PlayStation 3 in the near future." We'd theorize it involves better graphics! Tretton continued to reiterate the same "ten year" message (the proposed shelf life of the PS3) that the Sony team has followed since even before the launch of the system. With 2010 marking the fourth year of the PS3's life cycle, it seems increasingly likely that Sony will stick to that goal. Of course, that's not to say the "PS4" won't ever be realized. We'll see the PS4 "when somebody can craft the technology that exceeds what we're able to do on the PS3," Tretton offered. So apparently someone other than Sony will be making the PS4? [Fast Company]

Tesla All-Electric Sports Cars Now Leaseable

Ain't got a hundred large to dump on a new Tesla Roadster? Fret not, as the outfit famous for producing the world's first commercially viable electric supercar now has another option for you to ponder: leasing. For those unfamiliar, it's somewhere in between buying one outright and swiping one while the salesperson's not looking, and it'll require just over $12,000 up front along with 36 payments of $1,658 in order to temporarily own the car of your dreams! [Auto Blog]

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