The Essence of Pros vs. Joes

April 1, 2008

Pros vs. Joes

Never in the three year history of Pros vs. Joes has there been one clip that sums it all up. Until now. In the Semi-Final episode at the Rose Bowl Antonio Davis, former power forward for the Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls, squared off against Joe contestant Gabe Canape. Canape went on to become the winner and "Last Joe Standing" of this season of Pros vs. Joes.

Canape, the smallest Joe of the season, measures in at 5'7" when atop a stack of phonebooks and was going against Davis, a human sun dial at 6'9", for rebounds. Lambs to the slaughter. Or so you'd think.

In a testament to determination, Canape matched Davis rebound for rebound and earned his way into the Finals. In this case, Davis IS Goliath, and Gabe Canape gives him a run for his money. It's not surprising Canape ended up winning it all. [video][/video]