Russian Hockey Brawl Ends Game after Four Minutes

January 11, 2010

For those of you who didn’t sign up for Time Warner’s Russian Hockey League cable package, you may have missed this weekend’s incredible fight between two KHL teams (one of which employs a mullet-less Jaromir Jagr). No need to fear, though. If there’s one thing writers love more than volunteering at bird hospitals and entering local Connect Four tournaments – it’s reporting on Eastern European sporting events.

During the first period of a game between Vityaz Chekhov (easily one of my top 15 favorite KHL teams) and Avangard Omsk, a fight between two players escalated into the single largest fight in the history of hockey.

After the dust cleared and blood was scraped off of the ice, 800 penalty minutes and enough suspensions were issued to the point where neither roster had enough players left to complete the game - ending the game at the 3:49 mark.

Note the complete lack of enthusiasm in the announcer's voice.


Source: KHL