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Music of 'Blue Mountain State'

by The Goat House   September 22, 2011 at 3:05AM  |  Views: 369,359


Ever wonder what song it was you heard during that one crazy party scene? Or when Alex is banging that hot chick? You know the chick with the... Well, it doesn't matter which one. The point is that now you can find all the songs of BMS, right here.

Season THREE

The Captain

Extreme - "Shortz 'n' Sneakaz"
Mary Jo won't share her girl with Alex.

RA Audio - "We Make It Hot"
Alex really doesn't want to be captain of the team. / End credits

Kustoo - "King"
Alex is given the VIP room in the Goat House.

The Damn Automatics - "Loser"
Alex makes changes to the team and Sammy wants to be house boy.

Baby S - "Why Me"
Alex moves into the Goat House.

Mar-Tune - "Twist"
Coach Gilday is waiting in his new room.

Latch Key Kid - "Hold On Hold On"
Alex runs a Gilday play at practice.

Terraplane Sun - "Hey Rat"
Debra doesn't like what's going on. Sammy asks Alex to the ceremony.

West Coast - "A Night Like This"
Debra tells Alex what it's like to be on a championship team.

Johnny Douglas - "Ain't It Good to Know"
Debra confronts Gilday in front of the boosters.

Extreme - "Ecce Dominus"
Alex partakes in his captain's ceremony.


Dic Pics

Classic - "I Be Doin It"
Alex has trouble getting a girl. The guys talk about dic pics.

Early Earl - "Getting Low"
Thad shows everyone how to do a good dic pic.

Dewolfe - "Do It All For You"
Thad sneaks into Alex's room and takes a dic pic.

Pablo Sebastian - "Rock Bottom"
The dic pic worked for Alex; the girl he likes shows up.

Loomis & The Lust - "Bright Red Chords"
Alex finds out at the diner that everyone has seen his dic pic.

Bensin - "Burn It Down"
The team thanks Alex for the dic pics craze.

West Coast - "Ridin'"
Harmon can't figure out what to do.

You Say France, I Say Whistle - "Lovers"
Alex is humiliated, and all the guys struggle to date girls.

White Phosphorus - "On the Line"
Coach Daniels confronts Debra in the diner.

Chris Cann - "Crank It Up"
The whole team sucks at practice.

Wainwright - "I Need Another Chance"
The team has made a group dic pic billboard.


Thad's Back

T.F. - "I Be Doin It"
The football team is having the worst party ever.

Black Mustang - "Mystified"
Thad is playing a gentle version of football.

Mother Mother - "Arms Tonite"
Sammy and Rachel have sex. Sammy hears her voice for the first time.

Hydra-Scaria - "Far Side"
No one shows up for the team meeting Alex has called.

The New Centurians - "Watching You Fly"
Teammates laugh at Alex on the field and Thad is still in zen mode.

We The Living - "Best Laid Plans"
Sammy watches home movies of his relationship with Rachel.

Phantom 5 - "Art of War"
Alex hunts down his teammates all over campus.

Oops - "I Go Hard"
Party nirvana for Alex. Rachel gets her voice back during sex.

The DNC - "Jungle Flames"
Thad tries to keep his cool during the party.

Dewolfe - "Get Your Hustle Up"
Thad returns to his old self and has a scream-off with Rachel.


The Peak

Wax Tailor - "House of Wax"
BMS has won the game.

Jacqueline Van Bierk - "Turn It Up"
Alex and Sammy get ready for the sorority party.

D.A. Dame - "Superstar"
Alex and Sammy don't want to party in the Goat House.

Dewolfe - "Better Than That"
Thad can't believe Alex left the house.

Marcus Latief Scott - "Got Me In a Trance"
Sammy creates a diversion for Alex.

Miss Eighty 6 - "Till the Sun Comes Up"
Alex lands in Amber's room.

T Roy & Alex Howard - "Bring it Up"
Thad hatches a plan to save Alex.

The One & Only's - "Nana Pudding"
Alex is having sex with Bethanny…and then not.

Sam Young feat. Aphletik - "Hee"
Alex goes looking for Sammy.

Ninfa - "Not Over"
Coach Daniels and Jon Jon make a crank call.

Extreme Music - "Lion Among Men"
Thad pulls the guys together to save Alex.

Extreme Music - "Adagio Absolute"
Thad and the team clash with police.

The Beatards - "Whattaday"
Thad finds Alex and Sammy.


Training Day

D Jon - "Big Money Money"
Alex and Thad give a post game TV interview.

Spring Tigers - "Beep Beep"
Mary Jo has been vajazzled.

Ten Days Till - "Get Them Hands High"
Alex is super popular, and Thad's not happy about it.

Dubee - "I Do My Thang"
Sammy is vajazzling a cheerleader. Thad saves Alex from a sneaky girl.

Intercooler - "All Coming Back To Me"
Thad schools Alex in the ways of being a superstar.

V.I.C. featuring Joel Ortiz - "Another Struggle"
Thad drives Alex around town.

Deanna - "Do You Want To Be My Girlfriend"
Mary Jo sees Debra. Debra wants to be vajazzled.

Extreme - "My Body"
Mary Jo personally vajazzles Debra; Debra shows Daniels her vajazzling.

S Preme - "Celebrity"
Alex is introduced to Finn in his club.

Holiday - "My Best Day"
Alex has all the power in the diner.



Chris Cap - "Hands Up High"
Alex invites Stephanie to the blackout party.

Pete Miser - "Who's That?"
Thad and Alex challenge Thyrese and Steph to beer pong.

Black Chill - "Hate Me"
Beer pong is on. These are the rules.

Marcus Latief Scott - "Ima Winna"
Beer pong is still going. Moran has tits.

Thunderdikk - "Bra Off Party On"
Beer pong strip race!

The DNC - "Step On It"
Alex thinks Steph has changed. Thad & Thyrese hang out.

Oops - "I Go Hard"
The second half of the beer pong game begins.

Black Chill featuring Yung Menace "You Ain't Got It Like Me"
Stephanie misses her shot and Alex doesn't care anymore.

The Beatards - "This Is For The..."
Alex turns Stephanie down.

Fire Flies - "Worst Man"
Party is over and Sammy is proud of Alex.


Mar-Tune - "It's One"
Harmon is bummed out about his kicking.

Dashah - "Makin' Up"
Harmon is getting a massage ... and then he isn't.

Intercooler - "Move My Way"
Harmon tries to make a short kick and misses.

Zion I - "I Got a New Radio"
Harmon thinks maybe he isn't the only one to blame.

Echoecho - "Happy"
Alex talks about his game day ritual.

Extreme Music - "Bong Squad"
Harmon's childhood is exposed; Harmon has flashbacks.

Chocolat - "If I"
Sammy has officially enrolled in school.

Stereo Crowd - "I Can't Wait Anymore"
Harmon gets his kick back.

Fun Facts

Extreme - "Sharp Eddie"
Coach Daniels is given a surprise party.

Extreme - "Finger Snap"
The players aren't enjoying the party.

Extreme - "Average Joe"
Thad works on his speech.

Extreme - "I Want You"
Sammy kicks it up a notch.

Brick Casey - "Party All Night Long"
Alex has a word alone with Coach Daniels.

Extreme - "Good ta Go"
Thad collects fun facts from O'Toole.

Turntable Bay - "Who's the Masta?"
Coach hangs with Alex in his room.

Extreme - "O Sole Mio;" "La Donna Mobile"
Thad shows his tribute film to Daniels.

Extreme - "Poomucki Polka"
Thad rushes the stage and says he hates Coach.

Extreme - "Trulu Blue"
Marty's ring is kissed.

The C-Word

Chelsea Automatic - "Pay the Toll (If You Want To Rock 'N Roll)"
Thad headbutts his teammates.

Classic - "You Don't Stop"
Alex finds Sammy jerking off; Thad is acting strangely.

DJ Troy$e - "Tricky Trick"
Thad has a concussion; nobody hears Sammy's cries for help.

Johnny Douglas - "Tilt a Whirl"

Alex is trying to look out for Thad in the locker room; Alex thinks Sammy is still in his room on game day.

The Mums - "Do Do Do"
Thad wakes up unsure of where he is.

G6 - "Those Hips"
Thad makes Alex pancakes.

Beyond - "Bounce House"
Alex tries helping Thad on the field.

One Week

Extreme Music - "Clean in My Lac"
Alex is in his room party planning with some girls.

Zion-1 - "Let the DJ Rock"
Alex likes to play hard. Donnie cycles til he passes out.

Death Penalty

Mar-Tune - "Crunch Time"
BMS is going to the championship game.

Young Quad - "Break"
Coach Daniels is in trouble with the NCAA.

Extreme - "Hollow Willow"
Gilday is grabbed out of the diner by the coaches.

Zion-1 - "I Got a New Radio"
Alex wants to fight back against the NCAA.

Latch Key Kid - "Watch Me Now"
Thad thinks Sammy's the mole.

Moot Davis - "I'm the Highway Kind"

Alex tries to talk to Smith from the NCAA.

Young Gei Curtis - "I Rock"; Reina Williams - "Stripper Pole"; Gene - "Looky Looky"
Thad has a flashback that reveals he's the mole.

Isabella Du Graff - "Kissing You"
Alex is too distracted to have sex.

Miss Cannonball - "The Almighty Dollar"
Alex explains to everyone how the NCAA works.

Pre-Fight Hype - "Tug-O-War"
End credits

Cornfield Part I & II


Counterfeit Junkies - "How the Mighty Fall"

The news reports the suspension and outcome of the game.


Rob Hodge - "Turn Up the Sound"

Alex won't leave the Goat House.


Chapeumelon - "Encore Une Nuit"

Daniels is pissed the diner has taken down his pictures.


Lil Weavah Shorty and Chops - "We Hit the Club"

Harmon wants to borrow Thad's truck.


Roman Candle - "Eden Was a Garden"

The guys arrive at the field.


Manafest - "4321"

The guys watch a sportscast where Blackwell's players bag on them.


The Distillery - "Steady Rockin'"

The farmer and Sammy help Thad build his field of dreams.


Boink - "Slut"

Sammy needs the cheerleaders' help...and scooters.


Rivethead - "Electrik"

Sammy interrupts the Blackwell party.


Pre-Fight Hype - "Breakneck"

Blackwell scores.


Ocha La Rocha - "You Baby You"

Debra finds Gilday, who's a mess, at the diner.

Flash Lightnin' - "Flash Lightnin'"

Blackwell scores again and benches clear.


Mike-E - "Stamina"

Donny is sooo stoned. The second half starts.


Autozamm - "Day to Day"

Alex gets sacked.

Kustoo - "King"

The team celebrates their win...with a 3 foot joint.


Rev Theory - "Hell Yeah"

End credits


Season TWO


The Chesea Smiles - "Alright":
Sammy and the cheerleaders get chased across campus.

Firewerk - "We Rise":
The football team is chased into the library.

Ellis One - "Why":
Mary Jo helps Sammy make his wish come true.

The Sea - "What You Gonna Say":
Rioters are everywhere while Sammy lives out his wish.

Extreme Music - "Gloom With a View":
Rioters hang the goat mascot.

Black Gold - "After the Flood":
Coach Daniels gives a press conference. Alex & Mary Jo end up in bed.

Rev Theory - "Hell Yeah":
End credits


Trap Game

Beyond - "Get Your Hustle On":
Radon wants to try beind a receiver.

C.L. Smooth - "Open Em Up":
Sammy is eating old Penis Gobblers.

Alien Crime Syndicate - "Pimpin the Land":
Cheerleaders proposition Alex, Sammy meets Chuck Liddell.

Extreme Music - "Big Shotz":
Radon is faking his injury.

The Black Box Revelation - Set Your Hair on Fire":
School spirit is everywhere, Coach Daniels has a heart attack.

Hyland - "In Flight Test":
Sammy sees Chuck Liddell doing his moves.

Davey Suicide - "Nothing to Lose":
Chuck Liddell trains Sammy for his fight.

Beyond - "Get Your Hustle On":
Sammy gets punched, Thad attacks Radon, end credits.


Drunk Tank

The DNC - "Jungle Flames":
Everyone is passed out, Sammy can't pay for the pizzas.

Poxy - I Know What You Don't":
Alex is hungover and Radon falls asleep on he bed.

Moth - "Don't Close Your Eyes":
The guys hang out and drink. Sammy feels bad for Ricky.

Megatrax - "Get Close Shawty":
The cops arrest everyone from the party.

The Cobalt Party Revolution - "How the West was Won":
The guys are bickering in the drunk tank.

Page Kennedy - "Toy Friend":
Sammy hatches a plan to break the guys out.

Extreme - "Brass Monkey":
Sammy arrives at the hospital.

The Sea - "Feel My Love":
Alex & Mary Jo finally have sex.

Bosshouse - "Is That All You Got?":
Guys escape through the tunnel, and break through the ground.

Soul P - "Turn Around":
The team parties after having broken out.

Selectracks - "Get Up":
Mary Jo wants in on the pyramid.

Cap -  "How U Like Me Now":
Alex & Radon talk about what sport to try in the of season.

B Lloyd - "Heavy":
Radon makes his entrance on the ice.

Two Hours Traffic - "I Feel Naked Without My Cellphone":
Thad explains to Mary Jo all her duties.

Buck$ feat. Trina - "Bounce":
Thad is angry the hockey team is partying at the Goat House.

Bridget Sarai - "Flirt":
Antti has raided Alex's closet and is dressed just like him.

Dayglow - "Hello Tosh Tosh":
Mary Jo has to wax Thad's chest.

Alien Crime Syndicate - "Take Me To Your Leader":
Last day of hockey team tryouts.

Regular John - "We Spell Love":
The hockey team is raided by immigration.

The Penfifteen Club - "Dance Floor Rock":
Sammy provides entertainment on top of the Zamboni.

Extreme Music - "Grassy":
Mary Jo gets rid of the enforcer.

Alien Crime Syndicate - "Take me to Your Leader"
End Credits 


The Badger
Saturn Missiles - "Say You Want Me Too":
Everyone is tailgating on campus.

Extreme Music - "Two n' Eight":
Tailgate party at the Goat House.

Chuck Preston -  "Make it Real Good":
Radon arrives to spend a night at the Coach's.

Freak James - "The Party's Goin' Crazy":
Radon gives Coach Daniels a hit of E.

Peter Roberts - "Comb My Hair":
Coach Daniels is feeling the E.

Liam Lynch - "Beautiful Thing":
Radon and Coach Daniels hang out in the pool.

Buddy - "Chances Not Taken":
Alex and Thad stage a fake tailgate party.

Extreme Music - "To the Extreme":
End Credits 

Vision Quest

The Chelsea Smiles - "Got Some News":
The team celebrates a win.

Everest - "The Rebel in the Roses":
Thad cancels the party.

Larry - "Blue Mountain State of Mind":
Larry raps at the party.

Papillon - "Alpha Beta":
Thad is seduced by the cheerleader sirens.

Papillon - "Of California":
Thad wakes up with the sirens.

Larry - "Blue Mountain State of Mind":
End Credits


Saturn Missles - "Say You Want Me To":
Alex sees Debra for the first time in the locker room.

Soul P - "Be Strong":
Radon's show opening.

Extreme Music - "Dreams Can Come True":
Radon answers a call from a viewer.

Suni Clay feat. Snow - "Saddle Up Cowboy":
Alex and Radon talk about dreams, Mary Jo flirts with Radon.

Soul P - "Put Your Hands Up":
Debra shows up at the Goat House party.

The Shaky Hands - "Sunburns":
Thad sees Debra and Alex in the morning at the Goat House.

Kanary Diamonds - "Party":
Mary Jo loses her interest in Dando.


Smooth - "Just Be":
The nerds party at the Goat House.

Dex - "Baddest Sound":
Radon drinks with his nerd Al.

Pistol Feat. Pimp Da Pen - "Back Wit It (mash-up)":
Weed helps Mary Jo focus, somebody drown a nerd.

Killing Bird- "Ride Along":
Mary Jo smokes pot, Alex needs help with his presentation.

Malik Williams - "Hero Inside":
The nerds go on strike.

Turntable Bay - "Heavy Nod":
Alex needs MAry Jo's help with his speech.

Biker Ride- "Fine and Dandy":
Mary Jo and Alex wake up in the same bed.

Fanck - "Sonata for violin and piano in A":
The Dean wants to know where Alex is.

Bocherini - "Minuet in A":
The Dean takes the stage to introduce Alex.

Tchaikovsky - "Piano concerto no. 1 in B-flat minor op. 23 @ allegro ma non tro":
Explosions go off at the banquet.

Loops - ">


Extreme Music - "Ultra Lust":
Coach Daniels stops by to see his son at work.

The Stereotypes - "Sleep With You":
Players question all the girls they've slept with.

Forte - "Combo 5":
Coach and his ex-wife dine with their son Joe.

DJ Morphziz feat King Dave, DJ Pure, Mercy, Blesson - "Bein' Caliente":
Karen is abusing Sammy.

Stephan Sechi - "Cleanup on Aisle 19":
The Daniels family argues.

Charli Brown - "Make Me Feel Good":
Coach decides not to give Joe the money.

The Stereotypes - "Sleep With You":
End credits.


Pay For Play

Boink - "Turn it Up":
Coach Daniels hosts an alumni party at his house.

Chops - "Made in America":
Guys need money.

The Upsidedown - "If You Are Hell Girl":
Sammy and Alex meet with agents.

Salvador Santana - "Sal About Money":
Sammy meets with Lavey.

Rev Theory - "Hell Yeah":
Rev Theory play live at the goat house.

Rev Theory - "Hangman":
Rev Theory play live at the goat house.

Eek A Mouse - "Just Like This":
Sammy gets kidnapped.

Motion Man - "Confidence":
Alex tells the guys they have to return everything.

Counterfeit Junkies - "How the Mighty Fall":
Montage of Bodi being set up, guys returning everything.

Baby Strange - "On the Road":
Sammy ditches his bike, Alex kept the Mustang.


Born Again

Cunning - "Cherry Pie":
Alex won't go near Mary Jo at Goat house party.

Alien Crime Syndicate - "Forever is Rock N' Roll":
Thad can't be stopped on the practice field.

Staxx - "Put 'Em In the Sky":
Mary Jo tortures Alex by flirting with him.

The Chelsea Smiles - "Ain't Got Nothin'":
The team decides to go celibate.

Rhino Bucket - "Say My Name":
The team arrives for a charity church game.

Southpaw Swagger - "Make the Party Loud":
BMS plays the game hard.

Radon - "Lay You Down":
Radon and Mary Jo sneak into the port-a-potty.

Cunning - "Cherry Pie":
Mary Jo flirts again with Alex, Thad passes out.

Extreme Music - "Lay You Down"
End credits.

The Fingering

The Measels - "Dynamite":
Thad gets fingered.

The Shape of Race Cars - "Power":
Alex tells his version of the event.

Sharal Churchill & Doug Carrion - "Go Go Go":
Sammy practices with the cheerleaders.

Jawa - "Hysterical":
Radon smells feces on the ball.

Greg Hanna - "Can't Be Stopped":
The gives his version of why the ball smells.

Superbees - "Cuz I'm Loose":
Larry tells his version of the story.

Extreme Music - "Me Time":
Thad accuses the old mascot of spying.

Austin Lace - "The Unknown":
Coach thanks Larry.


Sweet Cheater - "All Fired Up":
Alex gets busted for slacking off.

B Lloyd - "Heavy":
Radon makes his entrance.

The Procussions - "The War":
Thad confronts Radon and turns off his music.

Beautiful Small Machines - "Super Conductor":
Mary Jo is introduced as a new student to BMS.

D. Williz ft. G'Z - "So Fly":
Alex unlocks Radon's chamber.

The Waking Hours - "New Revolution":
Radon pulls out a perfect play on the field.

Tarik Nuclothes - "Pimp Cup":
The cheerleaders get hazed.

Hardnox - "Fist Pump":
Thad drives his car toward Radon.

Southpaw Swagger - "Back Up":
Alex and Radon go toe to toe.

D Jon - "Twist":
Mary Jo gets fed up and confronts the head cheerleaders.

Jet Stream - "Roll to the Party":
Mary Jo plants a kiss on an unexpected guy.

B Lloyd - "Heavy":
Radon calls 911!

Season ONE

Bowl Game

Extreme - "Softblow Glow"
Mastersource - "One More Drink"
Mastersource -"This Is Not Goodbye"
Forte - "Spring Again"
The DNC - "Handclap"
Manafest - "Top of the World"
Summer Cats - "Let's Go"
Stabbed - "Dropping Bombs"
Supagroup - "Ruling (is its own reward)"
Rev Theory - "Hell Yeah"

Piss Test

The Forward - "The Last Summer"
Ku - "Holla At Me"
Charismatic - "Shake It, Shake It"
Pump Audio - "Disco Tribute"
Ostrich Head - "Watching Time Fly"
Soul P - "Get Up On Ya Feet"
Darby Wilson - "The Boss"
Supergarage - "2nd Try"
Pre-Fight Hype - "It's Goin Down"
London to Tokyo - "Something Good"
The Procussions - "Sounds On the TV"
P Nutty - "Freak It"

Cum Ransom

High City Miles - "What Cha Gonna Do"
The Willknots - "Vertigo"
Big Lew - "Go Shawty"
Extreme - "America An' Me"
Blue - "The More It Hurts"
Black Light Poster Children - "Leaders of the New School"         
Bosshouse - "She Back"
Deck  13 - "Your Roommate Too"
Tika Rainn - "Let's Get Dirty"
Rev Theory - "Hell Yeah"

Marathon Monday

Beyond - "Good Day"
Adrenaline Factor - "Bitch"
Third Grade Haters - "Get On Board"
Beyond - "All Around You"
RJ - "Feel This Good"
A-Lexx - "Go and Work It"
Hardnox - "She'd Rather Be With the DJ (rock mix)"
Chuck Preston - "Make It Real Good"
HP - "Shut It Down"
Flatheads - "Sunshine Daydream"


The Drug Olympics

SVA - "No Handcuffin'"
Extreme - "Exsurge Domaine"
Danica the Morning Star - "Fabulosity"
Turntable Bay - "Freestyle Freakin'"
Seldom Seen - "In Might Be Worth It"
The Anomolies - "1839"
Turntable Bay - "No Samples"
Heavy Melody - "High Voltage"
Rev Theory - "Hell Yeah"


Penfifteen Club - "Hey Ms. Richie"
Hardnox - "Look At All These Girls"
Takbir Bashir - "Raise Up"
Danica the Morning Star - "Naughty"
Extreme - "Gonna Be Famous"



The DNC - "Hot Chicks"
June & the Exit Wounds - "Let's Shack Up Together"
Chocolate Butterfly - "Contagious"
Fake Breed - "Needle in a Basket"
Weather Underground - "Burning Bush"
Bosshouse - "Bring It"
The White Meat - "Freedom"
Extreme - "Der Holle Rache (the Magic Flute)"
Wainwright - "Think About the Last Goodbye"


Legend of the Golden Arm

Boink - "Fame"
The Shapes - "Birthday Song"
Extreme - "Dance Wit Me"
Carey Haynes III - "Look Fly"
Southpaw Swagger - "Can't Stop Now"
RJ - "Gotta Get My Hands On It"
Extreme - "Smoke Sumthin"
LB - "You Know You Want It"
Prima Donna - "Crucify Me"
Bosshouse - "Bring It On"


Craig Loses His Promise Ring

Bigg Mouth - "American Girl"
The DNC - "Num Num"
The DNC - "Ur the Bomb"
Superbees - "I'm a Crawler"
Bosshouse - "Lick My Plate"
Rev Theory - "Hell Yeah"


Second Best

Extreme - "Right Tonight"
Hardnox - "Supersonic"
Tony Cash - "Drink & Smoke"
Adrenaline Factor - "Bitch"
Blindswitch - "Kick Me"
Fake Breed - "Addict"
Pump Audio - "Got to Be Good to You"


Rivalry Weekend

ASN - "Made For This"
The Young Werewolves - "Mischief Night"
Adrenaline Factor - "On Your Side"
We Know, Plato! - "Aeroplanes"
Darby Wilson - "Dance"
Taniq - "Flavor of You"
Spiderbait - "The Go Song"
Rev Theory - "Hell Yeah"


Pocket Pussy

Zion 1 - "All Around the World"
Extreme - "Don't Be So Mean"
The DNC - "Swing Baby Swing"
Extreme - "Heartbeat"
La Rhymes - "That's My Jam"


It's Called Hazing, Look It Up

Bangkok 5 - "Noise"
David Salas - "The Things I Would Do"
Toe Head - "What a Catch"
The Procussions - "Sounds On the TV"
Taylor Made, (Hey Ooh!) - "Everything You Got"
KU - "Nobody Hot As Me"
Corporate Avenger - "Earth Song"
Nino Moschella - "In Your Bedroom"
The Chelsea Smiles - "Can't Give Me Anything"
Berliner Philaharmoniker - "Carmina Burana: XXV O Fortuna"
Rev Theory - "Hell Yeah"

Look for these songs and great Blue Mountain State content on iTunes!

Counterfeit Junkies - "How the Mighty Fall"

The news reports the suspension and outcome of the game.


Rob Hodge - "Turn Up the Sound"

Alex won't leave the Goat House.


Chapeumelon - "Encore Une Nuit"

Daniels is pissed the diner has taken down his pictures.


Lil Weavah Shorty and Chops - "We Hit the Club"

Harmon wants to borrow Thad's truck.


Roman Candle - "Eden Was a Garden"

The guys arrive at the field.


Manafest - "4321"

The guys watch a sportscast where Blackwell's players bag on them.


The Distillery - "Steady Rockin'"

The farmer and Sammy help Thad build his field of dreams.


Boink - "Slut"

Sammy needs the cheerleaders' help...and scooters.


Rivethead - "Electrik"

Sammy interrupts the Blackwell party.


Pre-Fight Hype - "Breakneck"

Blackwell scores.


Ocha La Rocha - "You Baby You"

Debra finds Gilday, who's a mess, at the diner.


Flash Lightnin' - "Flash Lightnin'"

Blackwell scores again and benches clear.


Mike-E - "Stamina"

Donny is sooo stoned. The second half starts.


Autozamm - "Day to Day"

Alex gets sacked.


Kustoo - "King"

The team celebrates their win...with a 3 foot joint.


Rev Theory - "Hell Yeah"

End credits



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