From Chill to Kill Recap

October 16, 2008

Tempers continued to flair this week with Junie Browning testing Dana White's patience. Krzysztof's prank war continues, prompting coach Nogueira to step in and regulate, Minotoro style. And Shane Primm takes on Eliot Marshall in an explosive light heavyweight elimination fight. Hit the jump for all the details and to find out whose bed got peed on. Last week Junie Browning narrowly escaped the gallows as Dana White displayed his softer side, allowing Junie and sidekick Shane Nelson to stay in the house and fight their way out of trouble. At this point, most people would take the opportunity to shut up, and start showing you belong in the UFC by working hard and getting in shape.

Junie Browning is not most people.

He decides to let everyone know how he felt about Efrain Escudero's performance by jumping the cage and challenging Efrain right there. In all the confusion, Coach Nogueira is forced to restrain Junie, which does not sit well with Junie's own coach Frank Mir. It may not seem like the smartest move, but isn't that what's so lovable about Junie?

After the smoke settles, he actually does show a little remorse and well, growth, as he apologized to Mir, but it's too late for words. Mir simply responds, "Make it up, dude."

Exit: Junie Browning.

After that, Junie goes into somewhat of a hiatus and does a nice job of avoiding the camera for the remainder of the show.

Coach Nogueira, attempting to keep his team excited and motivated, had Anderson Silva stop by to share his training techniques and have a few laughs with the guys.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Krzysztof Soszynski a.k.a. K-Sos begins to get a little stir crazy and decided to continue on with the prank war he initiated earlier by freezing all of Efrain's underwear and proceeded to pour itching powder on Efrain's bed and pretty much everywhere else he could think of.

When team Nogueira returned to the house, they stumbled on the pranks and took them in good humor, almost immediately plotting their retaliation.

The following day back at the gym, Coach Nogueira was all business as he began figuring out his team's next matchup and finally revealed that he'd selected Eliot Marshall to face off against Shane Primm for the second preliminary light heavyweight match.

Now that that matter had been taken care of, it was time to revisit the growing issue of revenge. After some extensive deliberation, the Red Team decided they'd serve up a fresh dish of anchovies except instead of a dish, they'd use a wall, a bed, a pillow, a towel etc. And instead of fresh, they'd be rotting.

The Blue Team, for the most part, took it surprisingly well. In fact, K-Sos and Dave Kaplan seemed to get some sort of odd pleasure out of it. Weird.

Vinny Magalhes, however didn't find it quite as funny. He went on a late-night rampage, waking everybody up until he came upon an empty bed and must have thought, "All this yelling is really making have to pee." So he peed on it. Efrain realized he had left his post unmanned, and returned to his room only to find a fresh pool of piss waiting on his pillow.

Coach Nogueira eventually got word of all this and decided it was too much for him to handle it. The next day, he reached out to Frank Mir for support, but got little response so he took matters into his own hands. He made a cameo at the house later that night and had a chat with all the cast members. After some initial resistance, they promised the pranks would stop, at least the ones that got in the way of training but it's doubtful that Escudero will allow the pissing contest to end here. However, it will have to wait until next week. 

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