Deadliest Warrior Tournament: Round 4

September 10, 2009

DW Tournament: Round 4

My fictitious Deadliest Warrior tournament marches on and we get closer to the imaginary conclusion of an imaginary battle to see who is the greatest warrior of all time!

Round 4
Round 4 is upon us! After the bloody massacres and surprising upsets of round 3 it seems like armored warriors and those with the best long ranged weapons are rising to the top.

This tournament isn't seeded and the competitors aren't locked into place like an NCAA bracket which means the match ups can change from round to round. However, there are two distinct brackets (winner's and loser's) and within each bracket there are two divisions (modern and ancient).

-Loser's Bracket (Modern)
1-1 British Royal Gurkhas (c1984)
1-1 U.S. Rough Riders (c1895)
-Loser's Bracket (Ancient)
1-1 Mongol Warrior (c1220)
1-1 Aztec Jaguar (c1520)
2-1 Japanese Samurai (c1000)
-Winner's Bracket (Modern)
2-0 Boer Commandos (c1898)
2-0 Irish Republican Army (c1990)
1-1 Russian Spetsnaz (c2000)
2-0 U.S. Navy Seals (c1989)
-Winner's Bracket (Ancient)
2-0 Scottish Highlander (1297)
2-0 Persian Immortal (c500 BC)
2-0 Spanish Conquistador (c1520)
2-0 Spartan Warrior (c500 BC)
2-1 European Knight (c1200)
1-1 Egyptian Charioteer (c1400 BC)
2-0 Apache Warrior (1800)

-Loser's Bracket
Round 3 was a massacre as 8 more warriors were booted from the tournament, bringing the tally of defeated contestants up to 12: Yakuza, Maori, Ninja, Gladiator, Mafia, Zhou Warrior, Green Beret, Pirate, Shaolin Monk, Zulu, Taliban and Viking.

The Loser's bracket is nearing the end with only 5 contestants remaining. The Samurai gets a bye into round 5 seeing as he is the only warrior in the loser's bracket who has fought in all three rounds. That leaves only 2 match ups for this round.

Gurkha vs. Rough Riders: Fearsome B.A.F. infantry against hard-fighting U.S. volunteers.
Aztec Jaguar vs. Mongol Warrior: Elite warrior against unstoppable conqueror.

-Winner's Bracket
Three warriors were knocked out of the winner's bracket last round but 4 others return from their bye in round 3.

There's still a long way to go in the winner's bracket as 11 warriors remain, with 9 of those being undefeated. The Knight gets a bye into round 5 seeing as he is the only warrior in the winner's bracket who fought in all three rounds. That leaves 5 match ups for this round.

Boer Commandos vs. Navy SEALs: Turn of the century Militia against modern Special Forces.
Immortal vs. Apache: Persian Imperial Guard against Native American scalp hunter.
Spartan vs. Highlander: Perfect warrior of ancient Greece against powerful Scottish warrior.
Spetsnaz vs. IRA: Feared Russian anti-terrorist unit against determined Irish terrorist cell.
Conquistadors vs Egyptian Warrior: Spanish cavalry against Egyptian war chariot.

-Watch for Loser's Bracket results next week!