The #AAW Fall 2013 TV Preview: SHIELD Agents, Robot Cops, Zombies, Headless Horsemen and more!

August 21, 2013
Source: HBO

Premieres Sunday, September 8th on HBO

The criminal empire in Atlantic City faces challenges from the outside this season as we're introduced to a new antagonist (Dr. Narcisse) while all the old ones are still out there, including Al Capone waging war against the law in Chicago.

How I Met Your Mother

Premieres Monday, September 23rd on CBS

This Fall kicks off the ninth and final season of this beloved sitcom. In the final moment of last season we met (kind of) the mother and now we'll finally see the conclusion of the lengthy, convoluted story Ted Mosby has been telling his children. "Dad, seriously, you met her at a wedding nine years after the start of your story. This was all very unnecessary."

The Walking Dead

Premieres Sunday, October 13th on AMC

Of course this one's on the list. More are added to the Ricktatorship after the events in Woodbury, a rival clan makes an appearance, the Governor's still out there, and oh yeah, the zombies.

Speaking of TV shows, our All Access Weekly host Katie Linendoll recently got a guided tour through the "Breaking Bad" exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York City. Check it out: