Driver Loses Tire, Picks It Up, Wins Race

September 7, 2011

Meet Jeroen Bleekemolen. He's from a long line of racers, including his father, Michael Bleekemolen. He's won eight titles in his 10-year racing career, but we're pretty sure absolutely none of them will top this.

Here's what happened: Bleekemolen was racing to qualify for the Baltimore Grand Prix. In the middle of the race, he screwed up, went off the track, and lost a tire.

This is a big problem because in order to get a good position for the race during the qualifier, you have to finish it on the same tires you started on. There are absolutely no exceptions. So, faced with this, Bleekemolen...jumped out of his car, grabbed the tire, chucked it in the passenger seat, and not only finished the race...he placed first.

Yes, he finished in first place, despite losing a tire. We're pretty sure that if for some reason he loses an engine during the race, he'll just toss it in the trunk, ram his feet through the floorboards, and run to victory Flintstones-style.

Source: ALMSOfficialVideos/YouTube