$24,000 Fishing Lure

July 22, 2008

Macdaddy’s luxury fishing lures: either an affront to or beacon of masculinity.  I can’t decide!  “The art of fishing” is indeed a noble one.  To me, though, the art of fishing is really the art of sitting in a boat drinking beer.  Still noble, but philosophically inconsistent with a g.d. $24,000 fly.  Read on to find out why the hell this thing even exists.

 Here are the specs via Macdaddy:

A fly truly worthy of the "art" of fly fishing. Triple Threat is crafted in 14k Solid Gold with 6 generously sized diamonds. Our lures come in a beautiful burl wood box with a certificate of authenticity. Add our shadow box and a cherished photo for a one of a kind gift.  

If that’s not enough, they have a special – a combo deal – where you can buy a tackle box full of these baubles for the completely sane price of $1,000,000.  Dear Santa…