Like a Virgin, For the Sixth Time

June 17, 2009

A Russian woman is in intensive care after having her virginity restored for the sixth time. How does that even happen?

The woman, identified as Natalie K., became addicted to "revirgination" surgery shortly after marrying her husband and confessing that she’d had sexual intercourse with other men. Her husband confided that he was upset that she was not a virgin when they married. Natalie decided to make amends, visiting a plastic surgeon and having a hymenoplasty operation to make her "pure" again.

Natalie’s husband was so grateful for her gift that on their first anniversary Natalie decided to repeat the procedure. Her virginity present became something of a tradition and each anniversary Natalie would make an appointment to restore her virginity.

Doctors warned Natalie that there were risks in having the procedure performed repeatedly. For her sixth operation she signed a waiver of all claims and had the surgery performed. Sadly the doctor’s fears turned out to be justified as complications arose and Natalie’s immune system failed to fight a minor infection she caught during her surgery.

She is now in intensive care, fighting for her life.

Source: Mark Lewis / Photographer's Choice / Getty Images