Mantenna - Wednesday, July 7

July 7, 2010

Spain advances to the World Cup final, Heidi Montag thinks about even more plastic surgery, and the city of San Francisco takes a stand against soft drinks...the Mantenna, it's the real thing!

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It's Going to be Really Hard to Cheer Against Germany Now
Anybody who was hoping to root against the Germans in soccer's biggest game will have to wait four more years to do so. Earlier today, Spain defeated Germany in a thrilling 1-0 battle that propelled them to their first ever championship appearance. Fortunately, fans who still hold a grudge over the Spanish Civil War will get a chance for redemption when the Netherlands takes on Spain for all the marbles this Sunday at 2:30 p.m. EST. [ESPN]

Heidi Montag Regrets Permanent Surgery After Several Months
Remember when Heidi Montag spent 10 hours in surgery in order to look like a Barbie doll for the rest of her life? Well, turns out she didn't think things through very well. According to the Orange County Register, a "source close to the reality star says that the star of The Hills is thinking of having last year’s surgical changes reversed now that she is separated from her husband, Spencer Pratt, whom she says was the driving force behind her surgical makeover." Sure, always blame the sociopathic husband for mentally abusing her to the point of knife-happy surgery. Why is it never the fame-starved wife's fault? [OC Register]

San Francisco Bans Soda, Still Allows Hobo Sex in Street
Speaking of people desperately searching for publicity, San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom has banned soda in city area vending machines. According to NBA Bay Area "Newsom issued an executive order last April banning sugary sodas, artificially sweetened water and fruit juices with a mix of anything but fruit from city property." The ex-winemaker (seriously) claims that the biggest problem facing a city ravaged with crime and job loss is the sugary drinks available for consumption in public parks nobody can afford to pick up the hypodermic needles off of. Seems reasonable. [NBC Bay Area]

Blizzard Slays the Trolls
Today it was announced by Blizzard—you know, the folks behind World of Warcraft—that users will no longer be allowed to post on its message boards using an alias. Instead, a person’s real name will be displayed when they create or reply to any forum discussions. As you might imagine, it’s made all the Internet jackasses who have hidden behind their aliases for years act like even bigger jackasses. Here at we fully support this decision. And since our dream of people having to take a basic aptitude and intelligence test to use the Internet will never happen, this is the next best thing. Wouldn’t it be nice if people had to adhere to the same courtesies and respect that they use in the real world, talking to real people, on the Internet? We can dream. Meanwhile, count on all sorts of lame excuses for why being accountable for your actions is a bad thing to pop up over the next week. []

People Use Cell Phones for More than Making Calls

In the no s*** moment of the week, Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project has revealed that people are using their cell phones for pictures, video, and gaming. Snarkiness aside, the big picture here is that usage has grown dramatically over the past year as smart phones like the iPhone and Droid-based handsets become more common. Give it another year or so and Pew will likely be talking about how PCs are in danger of losing relevancy. In fact, 20 percent of those asked in the study said that they’ve resorted to using their cell phones as their sole access to the Internet. Some of the numbers seem a little funky, like 16 percent of people who have MP3 players using them to get online, but it’s obvious that folks don’t want to be tethered when accessing the web. On that note, have you checked out the mobile version of lately? [MSNBC]

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