Tiger Woods Suddenly Has Some Competition in the "Golfers Who Know How to Party" Department

October 21, 2010

Throughout 2010, it looked like nobody on the PGA was going to top Tiger Woods’ extensive mistress collection and IHOP sex parties. That is, of course, until one golfer decided to rack up a six-figure night at the craps tables before popping off 115 bottles at the club during one insane night in Vegas.

Anthony Kim, a talented golfer you’ve probably never heard of, decided he wanted a nice, relaxing getaway at the Bellagio. In the golfing world, apparently this means losing copious amounts of money playing dice and viciously yelling at the hotel staff while doing so.

"He is one loose cannon," a dealer told the Las Vegas Review Journal, before claiming that “Kim may have set a personal record for F-bombs while playing high-stakes craps over the weekend.”

But wait, there’s more.

In order to cool off after the gambling fiasco, Kim decided to double his losses at a local night club.

"Anthony Kim is an animal 115 bottles then to top it off a 25k bottle of Dom, which he showered the dance floor with,” one of the DJ’s Tweeted.

First off, props to the DJ for recognizing a marginally popular golfer in a crowded night club.

Second, is golf becoming the band camp of professional sports? (You know, in the “nerdy kids actually party a lot harder than the popular ones," sort of way.)

If the PGA could somehow incorporate adultery, high stakes craps, and night club champagne showering into the sport, it may be a lot more popular with the younger demographic. 

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images